Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by EnchantressOfNumbers in 50:59-Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online

Games Done Quick
Runner introduction starts at 0:01
Run starts at 1:07
Commentary is provided by Megmacattack and Solstng
Jhobz interviews Kaadzik at 57:18
Skybilz is host

This speedrun was recorded during Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ, find us at:

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  1. Runner introduction starts at 0:01Run starts at 1:07Commentary is provided by Megmacattack and SolstngJhobz interviews Kaadzik at 57:18Skybilz is host

  2. I do love a good reverse boss order run. It's mostly just being confused and amazed about what in the world is going on XD

  3. Nice run! Zelda was always the best games ever in my opinion. Ignore all the ignorant ass comments that I’m sure will be posted by people who have too much time on their hands.

  4. Alternative title: Link rips through the fabric of space to to disturb Thunderbird's day off.

  5. Those glitched towns look like abstract paintings

  6. This run was awesome. The runner and the other commentators were really good too, very glad I caught it live!

  7. Girl you rock. Ps you have such a beautiful smile. Keep being awesome!!

  8. I can't comprehend these six-dimensional maneuvers.

  9. There's so many cool tricks in this run, glad it got to be shown off.

  10. Dang I can't even beat this in regular mode. Congrats!

  11. Congrats for this amazing run! I love you all GDQ!

  12. i was cheering her on the whole time! this was mesmerizing

  13. That bit about the enemies reading the controller inputs explains a lot hahaha I thought my strategies were just bad

  14. Zelda II is one of my favorite games to run! This was a great run and i love EoN!!

  15. My next d&d character is going to be a knight that rides a whale just to spite that "what kind of knight would ride a whale" comment.

  16. EON you're awesome! Thanks for the game play, your smile is contagious!

  17. Great run enchantress from mike from Canada

  18. Any Zelda game without a water temple is a good Zelda game.

  19. "Link is carrying this small child"… dEATH STRANDING!!

  20. Damn that thunderbird fight was a nail biter! Great run!!!

  21. Awesome game play, easily my favorite run of GDQ 2020.
    She did such a great job nailing all of those frame perfect glitches

  22. That was super impressive! EoN you must've taken forever to route this! Congrats!

  23. Cool run and I like the pronouns next to the name. Never seen that before. What a cool community.

  24. Excellent job. Hated this game as a kid when it first came out. Watching runs like this has made me replay the game. Great game.

  25. EoN is super nice, she engages a lot with her audience, I suggest you follow her if you enjoy Z2!

  26. Geez I can't even beat the game normally without getting my ass kicked and she did it level 1 link at palace 8 and backwards. x_X

  27. I had never seen this game played this way before… one of my favorite game as a kid. Nice job on destroying the game!! … and I love that smile! 🙂

  28. I couldn't get through the first cave of this game

  29. I'm only gonna say I don't think the faerie through the keyhole was intended because there's no instance of needing to do it ever in the game. It would've made for a nice puzzle to solve (like maybe that's how you get the magic key since the Sixth Palace doesn't have any regular keys lying around?)

    …or if the game had had a proper Second Quest

  30. The Thunderbird fight had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath after the hit. That was God level dodging

  31. I met EON under completely unrelated circumstances — My wife knows EON's wife IRL, and we ran into each other while waiting to see Weird Al. We struck up a conversation, and EON mentioned speedrunning Zelda 2, and that's when I found out RBO was even a thing. "How the heck do you do that???" "Oh, you gotta glitch it out pretty bad." No kidding.
    Great run! I've been watching her practice streams for a while, and it's great to see a complete run start to finish. Great playing, and great entertainment.

  32. She's phenomenal! That Thunderbird fight was so tense!!

  33. 32:32 all of the OoT sages (and Mido) are named after towns in this game (yes including Kasuto, which is the name of the Great Deku Tree)

    edit;; OoT was also meant to be a remake of Zelda II, at least as far as I remember

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