Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Official Trailer 1 – Josh Hutcherson Movie

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Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, Dax Shepard
Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Official Trailer 1 – Josh Hutcherson Movie

Two young brothers are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when their house is hurled through the depths of space by the magical board game they are playing.

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  1. Zathura is the result of what would happen if you took 3 of Miss Ariane’s fav action movies, (Toy Story Jumanji and Jurassic) added the central plot to Phineas and Ferb (minus Perry) put them all in a blender and turned it on frappe.

  2. So Jumanji in space with Kristen Stewart so we at least get to see her superior acting method which is a ver nice way of saying, " great we get to watch her try to hold in a fart for another hour and a half.

  3. I remember watching this trailer in the theatre. I was 6. But damn it spoils the whole damn movie

  4. How tf did they breath in space without oxygen 😂😂

  5. I was afraid when I watched this movie as a child but I loved the movie and I still do. Wish they made more movies like this, but with more challenges.

  6. Honestly i like zathura more than jumanji, its more intense and scary

  7. My goodness. I've never heard of this film but after seeing a few clips of it, I need to see it now!! Even at the age of 47 this looks fantastic!

  8. wow i’ve been trying to remember the name of this movie😭 missing my childhood

  9. When the zorgons where comming i was scared as kid lol

  10. as a kid l never knew how dark it was still my favorites

  11. I saw this film when I was a kid and I miss it too much. Is one of the best films I never saw!

  12. 0:49 That trailer was the first time I heard Alan Silvestri's epic score from the movie, The Abyss, which is my favorite James Cameron movie! Even Zathura is awesome!

  13. I watch this 12 years ago on cartoon network

  14. Ahhh this was a good movie I watched this when I was so young now I’m back😂😂😂

  15. I remember the scene with the aliens in the basement being the scariest thing i watched as a kid lmao

  16. This movie made me cry as a child…..

  17. I don't know how long I have been looking for this movie. 🥺

  18. Am i the only one who has a core memory of this movie but don't remember actually watching it at all

  19. This movie is much better than jumanji welcome to the jungle and the next level

  20. I love this movie when I was a kid I have forgot about it recently I found it I’m watching it right now

  21. My whole life I thought this was another sequel of Jumanji until I searched for it and it wasn’t so I tried jumanji in space and it turns out it’s was a whole another kind of movie

  22. I've been finding this for my whole life.. I'm still little whe I last watched this. This brings back so much nostalgia. 💕

  23. The Cartoon Network played fever dream movie

  24. as a kid i got so scared from this movie lol

  25. After years of searching I finally found this movie

  26. I remember they used to play this every night on cartoon network

  27. I'm guessing this is the movie that destroyed Elon Musk's brain.

  28. I still remember seeing this trailer from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith in theaters.

  29. Nah how are they breathing in space yet there’s still that one guy that needs a space suit ?!? 😂😂

  30. This Isn't El Wray (TV Series) saying Zathura

  31. Omg I was trying to find this movie for the longest all I remember was the fire and aliens and a house in space, I watched this when I was a really young and I always had vivid memories of it, finally found it

  32. I thought this movie was only a creation of my imagination
    This gave me nightmares as a child 💀

  33. This movie was one of the best from my childhood. With there being 2 direct sequels to Jumanji, I do hope one day we see a sequel to Zathura as well.

  34. Damn, They always use too give this Movie On Cartoon Network all the time. Me and my sister use too watch it a lot as a kid.

  35. I've never heard of this movie at all until now. How could I miss a whole damn sci fi movie? Usually I've heard of all sci fi movies even if I don't see them. Revoke my nerd card.

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