“You were in SOLDIER, after all.” [FFVII EVER CRISIS] #IntroducingFF7EC #shorts

Square Enix
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A new entry in the FINAL FANTASY VII Series!
Uncover the never-before told story of the young hero, Sephiroth!


  1. Cuando lo pondran tambien en español?😢

  2. Again a moba game 😂 ??? Without me…

  3. Please Add the Game for South East Asia.We want to pre register and play the game since the first day too. 🥺

  4. I love Cloud & Tifa (Cloti) so much 🐥💕🐬😍

  5. Lame; cellphone games are micro-transaction hell. If you live at your parents home with zero responsibilities, then this is the game for you 🙄 Just leave FF7 alone already.

  6. Do I need to re-register since I was in the closed beta

  7. Hey Square Enix! Could you please lower your game prices? I want to buy Trials of mana but not at 22€.
    You have the most expensive games in store that i would like to play if they were cheaper otherwise im not buying because i already played them on console.

  8. Okay this is really getting annoying cause this is the 3rd time on 3 consecutive days do I hear the 4th tomorrow?

  9. looks nice, but gatcha… please square, use the assets to do a soft remake of ff7 next, won't be expensive to make, all field models and combat models are there, just need to do a beautiful map 🙂

  10. Man, I can't wait for this to release. Please, please, please be sooner rather than later.

  11. I can't wait for more first soldier story content!

  12. My phone isnt good enough to run any new releases sadly. The thing is like 6 years old

  13. Square really doing everything to avoid actually working on ff 7 rebirth

  14. I'm excited! Let me play it already! 🙏🏻

  15. …. how many times can game be reiterated… Jesus…

  16. I hope Rebirth introduces Tifa's master Zangan and gives them a side quest where Tifa and Zangan train with Zangan being a playable character. Also Remake Before Crisis like Crisis Core.

  17. This item isn't available in your country (Indonesia) 😢😢.

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