Xenophobia: Pixel Horror Game (by Leafousio) – adventure game for Android – gameplay.

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XENOPHOBIA: PIXEL HORROR GAME is a terrifying and challenging 2d horror game, where you need to complete your objective, while being followed by various Begins, hiding in the dark.

Metallic thumps are getting closer. Red eyes shine from dark corners. Will you survive this unpleasant adventure?

-Stay on your foot, begins won’t let you stay in one place for long.

-Listen to your surroundings, every stray noise could completely change the situation. But be aware that the Begins will listen too.

-Immerse in the story of your Character. There is a mysterious story surrounding your Player. Will you piece the puzzles together?

The game contains one optional in-app purchase to permanently disable ads. Purchase is recommended for a truly immersive experience.

Free offline game.

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