X4: Foundations – Start your space adventure today!

Fly every ship, explore space or manage an empire; trade, fight, build and think carefully, while you embark on an epic journey in X4: Foundations 4.0 by @Egosoft!

X series games are space simulations, played as action games from a first-person perspective. They take place in a living breathing universe, with TRADE FIGHT BUILD THINK as the common tag-line. The X series games are unique in their depth, simulating an entire universe of NPC ships and stations, forming a realistic economy. Each game consists of a huge universe, simulated from the bottom up. Hundreds of stations, and thousands of ships, trade goods among themselves. Prices change based on supply and demand; resources are mined and processed in several stages. This economy is linked directly to the simulation of major conflicts, in a universe with dynamically-acting factions. Every player decision can dramatically change the future of the game universe.

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  1. Did you fix all the game breaking bugs yet, some of which existed since launch? Stuff like AI ships not boosting or stations not building, even with full supplies and no queue.

  2. x3 ap with new story and graphics would be so much more fun than x4 ngl

  3. Oh? Not even "EXPLORE" now? Yeah, right, because X4 gameworld is dead and boring. There's nothing to explore, nothing to see except for copy-pasted asteroid fields, stations and randomly spawned locked containers. And that's all. No point in flying around, searching for something.

  4. So much fun! But please hurry up with the ventures update. I want to paint my ships!

  5. I love what I see in this video and what you've shown in past videos and live streams. I have been tempted several times to purchase the game with DLC bundles but I back away when I see a pattern regarding one glaring issue many players talk about that has not been addressed.

    -The encyclopedia-
    How is a new player or even a seasoned player supposed to learn and keep up with everything if you don't have a proper encyclopedia help menu?
    Players say they have to leave the build mode to access the empty encyclopedia and then when you go back you have to start your project over?
    This is rather poor and I won't play a game that I have to fumble around for hours to learn the difference between 2 or 3 types of weapon or mining lasers.

    If I'm going to spend over $87 of my hard earned money on a game, it needs to have the fundamentals polished and complete.

  6. Игру до безобразия упростили, о чем там думать…

  7. "The Biggest Space Sandbox…" Uh, not sure what obscure metric they are using to make that claim, but Eve Online, Stellaris, Elite Dangerous, and many others are "bigger" in actual environmental size.

  8. Auf jeden Fall besser als "X Fehlgeburt".

  9. The best single player space game of all time.

  10. I have time to dive in every now and then, and it swallows my life for days at a time. Unfortuantely, that time is increasingly scarce. Still, I don't know any other developer doing anything close to what Egosoft is. I mean yeah, Star Citizen, maybe once it gets out of eternal alpha… Meanwhile, Elite is still waddling around in nappies with its thumb in its mouth.

  11. Been trying to start my game 4 years once again bugs and unbalanced universe abd broken economy forces me to shelf game again. I know one day x4 will be the great game it can be but it is not today


  13. Stop punishing the people who improve your game, please only reject modified ships sent to alternate universes when modified. Your are doing the same stupid mistakes as when you blocked the possibility of ship change in X Rebirth !!!

  14. Игру до ума доводить надо а не трейлеры клепать…

  15. Thanks I enjoyed this Trailer a lot more 🙂

  16. they fix the problems with launching the game yet? Or the graphics card not being detected?

  17. Hey guys! Please help me – Is this journey worth it? I bought the game at launch but never really played it. It looks totally cool but what about the depth, the gameplay, the feeling beeing in a vast and open universe? Does this game deliver?

  18. when did we get some info on MP in adventure 😛

  19. Everyone builds massive empires that rival civilisations and im just here blastn bad guys in my widdle biddy ship

  20. already have 7 days playtime in my 4.0 terran save.

  21. Looking for what's coming next for ventures !

  22. Never have I seen a game that cause as much addiction and frustration in equal measure that X4: Foundations

  23. Played the hell out of the game clocking in at over 650 hours played and still going. Honestly have to admit, I am addicted to this game. Unfortunately I can also honestly say I both love and hate this game at the same time in equal measure. It is so close to being the perfect, epic space empire building sandbox that you end up wanting to cry at just how close they came while still falling well short of the goal. Ultimately, the game isn't quite the sandbox they make it out to be. Nothing is dynamic and to make things happen you have to follow specific, scripted RPG-like Stories which means you are unable to create your own adventure like you would expect in a Sandbox. Outside of the story lines, there are no diplomacy options. Wars are scripted and static and if the player goes to war, it is absolute, with no options to come to terms and have peace. There is also no meaningful territory control. Conquer your neighboring sectors and all you get is a green border around the sector. Also, the NPC economy tends to stall and stall badly unless the player takes a very heavy handed approach and intervene massively to help the NPC factions function. Lastly, the user interface and command structures in game are about the most unintuitive thing you can imagine. Nothing and I mean nothing works like you expect it to so if you play, expect to spend hours and hours, LITERALLY HOURS AND HOURS, online looking up how to do what most would consider basic and simple tasks critical to the game. Also to really be able to enjoy the game your going to have to mod it extensively if for no other reason than to fix the unintuitive and clunky UI and command structures and address the multitude of missing features in the game. Overall despite being totally addicted sometimes playing 15 hours a day, I find it a very, VERY hard game to recommend to anyone. The levels of frustration I had to endure while just figuring out how to play this game was truly astronomical…..yet I am still playing many hours a day, months later and can't explain to you why that is. Its a bit like smoking crack, playing makes you feel good however, it is also killing you at the same time. That is the only way I can explain it.

  24. Epic game, but for me after 4.0 not fun.. who want anoying khaaks in 80% sectors? Why is pirate capital ship incredible OP in OOS and i cant kill him for free without losing reputation?? I have 500+ hours ingame but i must stop play because this things are realy not funy..

  25. Game is kinda boring, very little meaningful interaction goes on outside of the major missions. Lots of stuff still broken if you're in-system with ships.

  26. I hope Borons are coming in not too distant future 🙂

  27. And do Argon Prime finally got the original Soundtrack?

  28. My first X game was a free copy of X Beyond the Frontier from the German games magazin "ComputerbildSpiele". I got X4 last week and I am so happy to be back in this universe after all these years.

  29. Also Dudes, ich hab mir das Spiel vor 1 Woche gekauft und bin krass am suchten. Meine Frau lässt es Gott sei dank zu:-). Als Familien Papa und Selbständiger ist für das gaming nicht viel Zeit übrig. Daher will ich nicht nur ein gutes Spiel spielen, sondern es muss Genial sein. Und X4 ist das Spiel meiner Kindheitsträume. Das Spiel fühlt sich jedes mal anders an. Das ist so komplex das ich wirklich beeindruckt bin. Ich möchte Euch hier einfach nur mal DANKE sagen. Lg Tomy

  30. there should be a narration in trailers like what you did in XR, the voice and explanation gave us memorable goosebumps lol

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