Wubbzy’s Underwater Adventure – Games For Kids (Walkthrough)

Wubbzy’s Underwater Adventure – Games For Kids (Walkthrough)
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Wubbzy’s Underwater Adventure by nickjr
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Help Widget navigate the undersea world. Kids capture jellyfish, hop around the Kooky Coral Reef, and avoid the Crunch Crabs as they go.
It’s time for an underwater adventure with Wubbzy.
Charge the depths of the deep ocean in search for the forgotten city of Wuzlantis and save King Triton and his people.
Collect seashells along the way to earn points. You can also capture harmful creatures using your Super Submarine 3000′s bubble blaster for more points.


  1. Back when I played this on Windows 2000. Ahh the memories . . .

  2. I'm 14 and this game raised me when my parents didn't

  3. This was seriously one of the first games I ever beat.

  4. Last time i played this i was like 4. I feel like i dont remember it but i do. Anybody else?

  5. I’m 13 now and I used to play this game when I was like 7 damn

  6. I love the background music in the first part of the game

  7. Ohhh the nostalgia is immeasurable, I used to play this so much like, lil me was obsessed

  8. I used to be scared of this game…especially the boss

  9. This was my childhood its all coming back to me omg–

  10. Boi, I remember I watched this show as a filly! It’s great to visit this again!

  11. This takes me back to when I was five or something. This was so hard when I was little

  12. I remember being scared of the final boss lmao

  13. This game was too hard for my 7 yr old self

  14. This brings back memories i dont even remember having😭

  15. I remember playing this damn game over and over. EZ

  16. How did I forget about this iconic game for so many years

  17. I remember being so afraid of that one-eyed red ball guys at the end of the game, my literally skipped a beat when I battle with him😂😂😂

  18. I used to play this all the time omg :')


  20. I Haven’t Played This Game In 10 Years

  21. Omg I played this game a bunch of
    Edit: the Snapfish looks like a guardian from minecraft.

  22. Why did I get a political ad before this? Why are they putting political ads before videos of literal children's games? I just wanna relive my childhood for god's sake!

  23. Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure
    Created by Tara Strong and Tom Kenny
    Directed by Kevin Petrilak and Owen Wilson
    Meghan McCarthy and Tabitha St Germain
    Written by Ashleigh Ball and Nick Confalone

  24. Damn I remember playing this over and over in elementary school

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