WOW This Fan Game IS Beautiful… | Sonic USB Online Demo (2022)

Loki FES
For Today’s Sonic Fan Game We Take A Look At Sonic USB Online. Sonic
CD Sprites, Vibing Music, and a Dope Background. Nice game overall.

Go Play it –

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  1. 4:44 That's Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures. If you haven't gotten around to playing it, I highly recommend it. It's one of the best games on the SEGA Genesis.

  2. CD SPRITE MODEL??? sonic cd reused the first games sprite

  3. I want you to play Sonic Generations overpowered

  4. The zones' melody are actual pieces from Kaori Kobayashi, a japanese saxophonist. I remember the melodies, but not their names. Now I have to check.

  5. Intro is fire. What song is it?. It sound like a remix of South them from that old sonic movie

  6. I don't understand how you can have 600+ videos and be so underrated this content is better than alot of YouTubers at 1mill

  7. The guy on top of the loop de loop is Rocket Knight next to cream oh and btw you should play Rocket Knight on the Genesis it’s Soooo good dude 😁💯

  8. Mighty can wall jump from knuckles chaotix

  9. hey bro can you do a playthough on freedom planet pls Loki!!

  10. You should check out smash remix
    A rom hack for smash 64

  11. man fuck you for that nigthmare foxy jumpscare

  12. Yo! You should try the Spark the Electric Jester series. They're made by the creator of Sonic Before and After the Sequel. He's currently making a 3rd game and it's going to be cell shaded. Just thought you'd like to know.

  13. Quick question will you finish hollow knight and people let's watch something else other then sonic I mean I love Sonic too but let's try something new

  14. Bro you should 100% try sonic project hero. The game is like a big sandbox the idea seems a little uninteresting but when you play the game you will impressed believe me

    Btw there are 3 playable characters and you can change by pressing f2

  15. The song on the first stage sounds similar to the instrumental for Michael Jackson’s “rock with you”

  16. There's actually a Chaos Emerald in the level itself 😃. It was right under a bridge 😄. You were running so fast that you didn't see it 🤔😃.

  17. Dude play sonic rematch but dark sonic hyper sonic sonic and shadow vs shadic you be base form sonic and turn hyper maybe that will make shadic go hyper

  18. Play Sonic Robo Blast 2, it is a banger fangame

    Edit: nvm you played it already

    Edit 2: shi you should actually play it again

  19. Sonic classic 2 playthrogh plzzzzzz

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