Worst MMO Ever? – Adventure Quest Worlds

Josh Strife Hayes
Frogzards, Sneevils, undead paladins, this game COULD have been brilliant.




  1. I forgot how shite this game was. How did it sap my allowance for like 2 years of my childhood

  2. the funny thing is that he was only lvl 13 which is pretty new but oh well

  3. I remember farming the fucking phoenix blade from the red dragon which has a whopping 0.1 % drop rate. I could watch 2 movies on another browser while farming that dragon and the damn item wont drop.

  4. Alot of sunken cost and blinded nostalgia in these comments. But that goes for every game in this series.

  5. Farming for VHL as a free to play broke me….But hey I got it with a small sacrifice of being broken 🤩.

  6. I have played adventure quest worlds on and off since 2011, I have collected most of the hard grinded stuff in the game, and honestly in my personal opinion the whole fun part in this game really is just collecting thoose said hard items, getting new classes, and just dressing up your character.

  7. I honestly personally hate how equipments grow stronger using scrolls to match your level. It lessens the worth of equipment to me and it feels like every weapon is the same.

  8. Still playing my old account for 10 whole years and josh pointing out the flaws are 100% true and at the time I was playing it as a kid, it didn't bother me, sure I'll be annoyed when I afk'd for a bit while in a nearly finished quest and get logged out but that's what kept me playing it to this day, I grew into the flaws to the point that it doesn't bother me, but that doesn't change the fact that the flaws aren't big, IT IS BIG, and if they work out the flaws, this game will become mainstream to kids and aqw veterans alike.

  9. Don't known why, but your voice sounds familiar

  10. bro i loved playing this game when i was five. it may have sucked but i have so many memories of my friends just hopping on and playing together

  11. The "problem" with quest progress dissapearing when you log out is very very rarely an actual problem IMO, the temporary inventory is usually just for the shorter quests that can be completed in a few minutes, for the large quests that can take hours the items usually go into your real inventory and stay there even if you log out, and as long as you manage your inventory smartly inventory space won't be a problem, and as for having to walk long stretches or talk a lot to accept or turn in quests they've added the pin feature which let's you pin quest menus and accept and turn in the quests on it from anywhere, which helps a lot, otherwise I generally agree with your criticisms but I think some of them are petty and there really weren't that many of them, to play the game "smoothly" you kind of have to use the wiki constantly, which does speak to how flawed the game is but at the same time if you do use the wiki a lot then the feeling of being directionless or not knowing how to get around or what to do mostly dissappears, and you combine that with some youtube tutorials and you'll be able to perfectly get through and understand the game even as a new player

  12. a little attention and more development in the game to make it suit for the new generation will make aqworlds shine again.. i fckin love this game sos much it taught me how to grind hard

  13. Not sure why this has alot of dislikes. I'm a day 1 level 100 player and I agree. The worst part is the game developers don't care. They know all of this by heart and they don't care.

  14. so in other words 10/10? all seriousness though I do fondly recall checking every friday to see if the chaos lord storyline ever gets an update. sad to see I can barely play it for more than 1 hour now

  15. used to play this in my IT class at school like a decade ago :') good times, I knew it as Battleon though

  16. flash games are a classic and they r still good if you dont play them anymore lol

  17. The original adventure quest had so much charm.

  18. Didn't MechQuest also release before Worlds?

    I remember this all too well. I played DragonFable every day after school and I loved it.

    Good games back then

  19. i know this is an old reveiw of an even older game but as someone who quit playing this game in 2015 and who started day 1 of beta i feel like i have an interesting anecdote about this game which says a lot about what this games problems are. the most fun i ever had playing this game was in the summer of 2010 (i think, maybe it was 2009) back when a class in the game had a broken mechanic where if you did a certain thing in combat while having a certain cooldown going, it would make your character completely unkillible. now what i enjoyed about this is seeing how quickly then i could kill hordes of enemies and it just so happened at that same time there was an event going that had like 5 maybe 6 relatively weak enemies on a single screen at once. ironicly the players lost that event, though ill admit thematically it was kinda boring, but the most fun i ever had with the game was when it had an exploitable bug that made you unkillible. that and in beta when i had a weapon that could 1 shot any enemy but i never got xp from it.

    this is all to say the game isint fun to actually play

  20. I gotta agree that this game is not the best mmorpg but I still love it because of the memories I had with this game. Its so nostalgic.

  21. I’ve never seen any YouTube play this gem of a game and I would give my left kidney to play aqw with the legendary josh strife hayes

  22. Not gonnna lie even if I found the video out just today, it kinda makes me sad since its the first MMO i ever played myself and I do love the game, even though sadly I must admit it is not that good… I still love it.

  23. There are also things like the Pyromancer/Cryomancer Daily Quests, which lock a class behind 42(in this case) Days of logging in fighting an enemy and logging out, feels like a chore that isnt really worth it for itself.

  24. Damn what a throwback…brings back memories of sneaking into the computer lab after school got out, playing AQ worlds with my friend to pass the time until our parents picked us up

  25. Level 1 to level 100 in a year plus BLoD, LR, VHL, NSoD, BoA, Chaos Avenger, and void spartan set so far

  26. I miss the days when me and my best friend would play this a lor, good times. very nostalgic to me.

  27. aha! I'm still playing this game 💀 never gets bad for me… in my opinion tho 🤣

  28. Man, I remember this game! But I could never tell if I was actually following the main quest. I was never even sure if I was fighting an actual chaos lord or something. I stopped playing by the final chaos lord, because Drakath was just way too overleveled for me.

  29. It's all about getting the new drip and social interactions, I miss this.

  30. 1:37 wow i remember playing that when i was a kid lmao
    Me, being as a naive kid, all i do is create, play, progress, get stuck, then create, play another one, repeat. Lol

  31. So… how did I discover this game?

    Back in 2010, I used to tag along with my dad to school and he'd make me stay inside the faculty room while he's out to work. There were computers inside the faculty room and there was also internet connection too. Unfortunately, I don't know what games to play so I just went to play some Miniclip games.

    Until one day, one of my dad's co-teachers brought a kid with them on the same faculty room. She was sitting beside my desk and she played AQW. I saw her grinding to kill some hydras and doing the Escherion questline. I was really curious so I asked her what she's playing. She told me it was AdventureQuest Worlds but the AdventureQuest part was the only thing I remembered since I was just a nine-year old at the time. I mistook as the one she was playing and played the original AdventureQuest instead xD

    A year later, I created my first character. And from that onwards, I have been playing AQW yearly, collecting drops, playing monthly questlines… yes, the game is too overly grindy and it has a lot of flaws but it was a great time killer if there's nothing better to do.

    And I thank that girl who introduced me to the game when I was a curious kid.

  32. Some of the newer updates added some really interesting and hellishly difficult boss battles that actually require specific setups, motions, ability use, movements, etc. I’ve been really enjoying it.

  33. being my first mmo and real game other than timewasting games on kongregate, it still holds a special place in my heart and forever will. Even though you criticised the game, and rightfully so (nostalgia definitely clouds over some of the very prominent issues), it still brought back great moments from my childhood that I completely forgot, so thank you for making this video

  34. I'm a lvl 86 free player and I admit that ALMOST all of my reputation classes I got, I used bot.

    Also, you don't need to repeat all quests at all to go back to quests. The main NPCs in the normal maps have chat options to make you go back to the place you need.

  35. I was literally addicted to this game back in the day. At community college I had a max of two hours on the computers in the cafeteria, and I used all that time on Artix games, first DragonFable and MechQuest, and then AQW.

    The nostalgia is strong with this one..

  36. You are comparing this dead game to our current MMO games. At the time the game was released it was good.

  37. Huge nostalgia, this was my first ever mmo rpg, thanks for this one 😀 definitely found some joy in this video, aaand how terrible this game is these days compared to other mmo's hahah

  38. Something that he consistently gets wrong is once you complete a quest line, you don't have to do it over to access shops or portals. They are permanently unlocked, even if you logout. The only way logging out affects your quests is if you didn't turn it in before you left… but if you know this, you can plan accordingly. Some of the more grindy quests have perma drops so you don't lose progress if you logout, but they take up actual inventory space which is annoying.

    Everything else is pretty accurate.

  39. One of the downside of this game is they made some grinding almost impossible and made mass majority of player rely on bots.

  40. dude is putting it on his "worst mmos" when he only got to level 13 and sat for the first 2 min flexing a pet that looks like trash get a grip you didn't even play the game and you talked so much about your day one status

  41. i played this when i was like 10 and had a fucking blast tried it last week again and had my worst time possible

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