Worst MMO Ever? – Adventure Quest Worlds

Josh Strife Hayes
Frogzards, Sneevils, undead paladins, this game COULD have been brilliant.




  1. A lvl 13 founder you must not have like the gane that much lol

  2. Used to be addicted to this in my primary and most of my high school years. I finally quit when I wondered how much money I was putting into this game, so I added up how much money I spent on those stupid Adventure Coins. I had spend roughly $680 in about one month and I still could not afford even close to all the limited rare crap they would shove in your face.

    It was the first game to teach me to stay away from 99% of MMOs.

    Unless you play games like this every single day and you do not have a job or study, you will never get very far.

  3. I didn't play much of this, but I would of if it wasn't for the members only equipment that drops.

  4. God I remembered playing this game during its height, most maps even with the relatively older once at the time were filled with people which were chatting, farming, and partying with friends and complete strangers. Nowadays, its mostly you revisiting those maps thinking of the better times or of course having a fashion show on Yulgar's Inn lol.

  5. The game is really bad if u havnt played from the birth of it

  6. Bro AQ was fucking amazing back in the day. Idc about how bad it was AQ and AQ worlds will always have a spot in my heart

  7. I remember playing this game as a kid but I forgot the name

  8. jokes on you, been playing for 8 years and won't let you taint my memory

  9. Played this game from 2010-2015 ish, came back to my profile recently and was overwhelmed with everything, and im a pretty experienced player. I can imagine how overwhelming this must be for someone who has never played it.

  10. It's exactly what a mmo should be. Alot of so called mom's are supposed to be. Adventure quest 3d and of course a 2d game would be terrible lol.

  11. Back then it was okay imo, but now you just wait weekly release or something and ofc you need to spend hella lots of money just to get those rare.

  12. I've been trying to find this game for years! I remember finding this when I was a kid. I don't really remember anything other than how the game looked at that I was exploring a forest and got stuck in a pit with a dragon at one point. Was sweet!

  13. I go back to this game on rare occasion and literally every single time I have ever made a new character there was a new tutorial to play through. Even now, watching this video, I had no idea what was going on for the first 14 minutes because nothing he did during that time was anything I had seen in the many times I had gone back. I'd started to believe that the tutorial was completely randomized so you'd have a fresh experience every single time. I honestly think more games (or any games, since I doubt it was intentional) should do this.

  14. Heya Josh, I'm gonna leave this on all of your Worst MMO Ever vids (I know, seems a bit spammy) but I know how much of a tabletop RPG fan you are, and I'd love if you did a proper look into DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited) It follows the 3.5e ruleset to a degree, with MMO features and balances obviously thrown in. They just released the entire players handbook classes and races to free to play players, so I have a feeling you may get a kick out of it ^^

  15. I love this game. I don't play is anymore but, i still have my acc and go back and check it out every now and then

  16. The long and tedious quests give you actual items that go towards the quest lol

  17. Because I played this game half my childhood. I delibratley overlook the flaws because something with this deep of a connection to my happiness, I cannot afford to lose. Just as how Dragon Ball Z isnt a well written show storywise, but my childhood demands that I love it regardless, and so I do. Amd thats a good thing.

  18. It was my dream to draw a weapon and have it made in game

  19. You have to know the map locations, that's standard. Also adding a dash an five digits will teleport you to a "private" instance of that map if you want some alone time. I loved this game so much and it breaks my heart to see the state of it. I too was a member, I purchased the coolest skins with adventure coins. I attended Cysero's wedding event. I waited for the patch notes or note changes or whatever just to see how the new lord of chaos was gonna look like. Boy did I grind for either cool weapons/armors or op classes and skins. I'd loved to see where these guys could get, but

  20. 31:00 watching this video did make me shed a couple tears, both for the nostalgia and the fact that I couldn't really deny any of the points

  21. Oh my God… he mention newgrounds…. I remember this one kid played only the dbz dressing games lol p*** wasn't easily obtained back then🤣

  22. It's not that bad as well, I liked the game as a kid.. as a kid. In our time, games like these was amazing, however, nowadays there are easily better games out there.

  23. I remember I saw myself in a free gold video back when I was a kid and I was HYPED, battle on

  24. I remember when the AQW Map was only 1 Page and the last area is Lair. It was much much much easier back then.

  25. Man. I remember when i bought that app game of adventure quest on my phone and it gave me a set on the game and class too. I loved every single moment of it.

  26. 8 years ago while I was an elementary school student, I met my first best friend throug this game. We played together for hours, farming cool items, storyline quests and talk about the game all the time in school. 8 years later, I'm the only one between us I think who plays the game after coming back since I dropped the game in 2016. About my first best friend? Haven't heard of him after we graduated in 2015.

  27. Tbh the whole Artix timeline is confusing, the futuristic Mechquest is apparently the past, the ancient-looking Dragonfable is the future, Aqw is the present and all mashed together at the same time and original Adventurequest is an alternative from Aqw.

  28. Man i love this game used to play so much…. sadly lost my old account so made a new one and after i want some nostalgia i come back play this game till i burn and leave only to come back after a few years to remmember the nostalgia agian good to see this game is still alive and kicking xD

  29. I remember playing Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable i got addicted to it even introduce the game to my friends but after discovering League (LOL) i stopped playing it along with Dota

  30. I played Dragonfable for the longest time. I probably had 1000+ hours before I was 16. It was not a great game but I had a good time. I'm thankful for the time if kept me sane with solitude.

  31. honestly idc how bad this is, its my child hood and i love it.

  32. ahhh i remember playing this game long ago fun times

  33. I'm currently grinding to get the DoT, the combat truly is braindead repitition, I was just spamming 2,3,4 with my left hand while reading manga on my phone with my right hand.

  34. Playing this game as a child in 2010 was singlehandedly one of the best experiences I ever had. This is subjective of course, but it's a shame that the game ended up losing its luster over the years.

  35. I am going to google Gravelyn right now.

  36. adventure quest and swords and sandals was my childhood.

  37. Been playing AQWorlds for little over 10 years and I can't in good faith recommend it to anyone. Only positives it gets is that some of the stories are pretty damn interesting, you get an insane amount of content to go through for free and weekly content updates even after 10 years of going live (plus most of the art is fantastic). I've seen this game go from party oriented linear mmo with gold being the main currency, membership being the leg above the rest and AC's (the currency) being there for cosmetics to being a single player experience with gold being worth absolutely nothing, membership being worthless and AC's dictating the entire market. Nay, the entire game. For example you 'could' grind 30 hours getting to Reputation 10 in 3 different factions all for Stonecrusher class or you could pay 2000 AC's to get it instantly. Nowadays they're taking the piss; buying the 40,000 AC package will give you an item you can redeem to get literally any item in the game. Yes even extremely rare stuff released once for one week back in 2011 (Evolved Dark Caster). Yes even Beta Berzerker and Alpha Pirate, once exclusive to game testers from 2007. Yes even that 90 hour grind Void Highlord class or Blinding Light of Destiny axe or Legion Revenant. And if you don't got any money? Botting time. You know it's bad when the devs literally have a post in the design notes stating they're giving up on banning bots. AQWorlds is nothing more than a dress up sim, even the developers know this and no amount of content can fix it. Even the upcoming AQWorlds Mobile can't (which was slated for release in 2013, NINE YEARS AGO). Please do an AQ3D video

  38. Outhouse scene irrelevant, when humour, inside jokes and eastereggs were what contributed to this nostalgia trip

  39. apparently they are working on a unity version
    I would probably only play it for the nostalgia but hey thats something

  40. I only knew the game existed when Voltaire had a concert on there

  41. They should revamp the game. I bet if Artix team remade the game from the ground up, and tried to remove the useless "mmo" cringe design. I bet it would have a second and permanent surge.

  42. Cleric Dawn…..Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands. facepalm

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