Worst MMO Ever? – Adventure Quest 3D

Josh Strife Hayes


Personal Opinion, Artix games have some of the funniest writing of any game, the comic timing, references and understanding of comedic conventions is masterful, that being said…

the transition to 3d has not been too kind.

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  1. Some legitimate criticism where given, and I do agree with a buch of them, but at least the game isnt filled to the brim with transactions like most free mmos, and the chest really is just for jazz, well most of the things are just for jazz tbh, most of the items you get are just cosmetics and the only things you buy with money is well costumes, and guardian feels more like buying the game it doesn't add too much imo. Great vi

  2. I’ll admit I am one of the closed beta testers for the game and been playing it ever since I love the game have my feedback on how this can be changed but tbh this video all I seen is every negative thing not a single pro at all like damn you say you wanna help but seems like oh your doing is telling them their shit and need to do better because their doing such a horrible job when already so many people play that enjoy the game.

  3. They have also just copied wow's armour, gates, bricks, ground, grass, sky, weapons, characters and spells

  4. Its like a dan machi game i play it till now

  5. I know I'm kind of late on this, and I'm a big fan of this series, but you're straight up repeating yourself this entire video. You stretched two points for 49 minutes.

  6. Used to love EpicDuel, it was the most well-balanced PVP game ever.

  7. I like your stuff, been watching for a bit now. That being said the My Immortal name pun got you a sub. Keep on keeping on.

  8. watching this video reminded me of that travel menu thing i played this game for WEEKS and forgot about it entirely.. now im sitting in awkwardland wondering if i should go back and see some sort of completion or..just.. nah.. 🤔

  9. I remember briefly playing adventure quest back in high school, pretty crappy now that I look back on it.

  10. You criticized the constant quests you completed just running through a linear trail but that whole trail was meant to be a joke in and of itself. AQ3D isnt meant to have the polish of a 3D games as it is my opinion that Artix is retaining his style of lackadaisical by having such obvious flaws.

  11. 39:58 This is also how they select any new Dalai Lamas, just a fun fact for ya!

  12. Monday, February 28, 2022 COMING THIS WEEK! Jr. Squires of Order and Archmage.

    FINALLY a new class after 425987636875432 years.

  13. Ocarina of Thyme, I appreciate that kind of humor.

  14. No no no no no no no this is not the worst MMO it is really fun and I have been supporter since adventure quest original you want to talk about a horrible game go try raid Shadow Legends that thing is a pay to win nightmare I also like wizards 101 but I don't as well I'm torn between that game because I used to play that game when I was a kid I could never get very far in that game thank you 3D I'm level 17 going on 18 so yeah and I'm also guardian and dragon guardian and I have pirate class which I love so stop mocking this game

  15. omg I just finished part 3 of my immortal a couple days ago. I felt exhausted afterwards, from laughing so hard.

  16. Heh I remember playing original AQ back in 04.

  17. I heard "Herp the Derp" and decided That this game is automatically both the worst MMO and best troll so far.

  18. I just turn the music off, and stick on trance.

  19. 4:18 That girl has a bigger beard than most men can ever grow.

  20. 10:26 They didn't even render a rock or bomb or anything in the catapult. It's just empty.

  21. Hold up, you're telling me I missed a fraking BSG reference in Mechquest?

  22. They have been pumping out new content every single week since 2007 …"forgot about"

  23. I think this game is a great mobile game, but not a great pc game

  24. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were fun, really not sure what sonic team did to not know how to just do that again.

  25. Ah, you've put into words what I couldn't! The identity thing. I remember being concerned about Risk of Rain 2 going 3D after the first game did so well on 2D.
    I'm glad I was proven wrong, the second game is fun, but I still kinda fondly miss and remember RoR1's 2D style. :c

  26. A lot of the visual feedback missing comments make you realize that without all of that in say World of Warcraft, WoW and every other MMO would just feel like cookie clicker with running around a fantasy world (ive never played cookie clicker)

  27. After watching this video I downloaded it at about midnight on mobile while laying in bed in the middle of the night as my spouse slept. I just finished playing, and it's currently 3am. Suffice to say I had fun. 😄 I never would have known this simple albeit fun little MMO existed if not for this channel, so thanks.👍

    Once I installed it I rolled a Warrior. At first the controls confused me since I am used to playing MMOs on PC. However, once I got the hang of the mobile controls I had a lot of fun playing. It's not the most sophisticated MMO, but I think thats why I enjoyed it so much. I am guessing I can do crossplay with my PC and I probably will since I brought the premium Guardian thingy to keep playing when I finished the tutorial.

    It's the kind of game I will likely enjoy in small bursts, in that regard the fact you can play it on mobile is certainly a plus. Just me though, but as a mobile MMO at very least it's quite enjoyable imho.

  28. "a sonic game doesnt just mean a game with sonic"

    um… it kinda does

  29. They made a 3d game?! I only played the 2d flash game. You know, just adventure quest.

  30. Disliked and skipped for your sexist "Mary Sue" jibe

  31. I'm sorry, but some points were just WAY OFF.
    -) "Would a new player know why they equipped something?" YES, I do believe that people aren't mentally handicapped and know that better gear makes you do more pew pew
    -) "Would a player know that the red zone is danger?" YES, once again YES. Red is the universaly known number of danger (which is why STOP signs are marked red f.e.). Also if I see a red indicator from A SKELETON MONSTER, I'd assume that it's not something good.
    Seriously, people complain that modern games handhold too much and act like the player is a brainless idiot, but then you complain about there not being a tutorial for obvious shit?

  32. I honestly don't think it is a bad game so much as the jokes don't work anymore. The thing where you get random quests to just do stuff with no explanation was a running gag from the earlier games. It used to be funny because it was something you would see in bad games and they exaggerated it to a ludicrous degree. It's not funny anymore. That kind of bad design is the norm now, and it doesn't feel like a mocking exaggeration. It just feel like they are doing what they used to make fun of.

    They need drakles back. He always delivered the punchline.

  33. I played A LOT of adventure quest and mechquest as a kid

  34. To me 90% of mmo gameplay is the exactly the same. This looks no different to WOW, it's just funnier and made alot easier. l like mmos so it looks good to me.

  35. looks like ebony darkness dementia raven lost the way

  36. I think you missed this games unique selling point – it’s a fully cross-play MMO that my son can play with his friends who only have mobile phones.
    In that space it’s only competition is Genshin Impact, Runescape and Old School RuneScape, and it’s probably rates in second spot after Genshin Impact.

  37. Back in the day Adventure Quest 3D was my main MMO and I have good memories with it I even have a moglin plush on my shelf.

  38. I disagree about 3D Sonic losing the charm of Sonic. I think games like Adventure 1 and 2, Unleashed, Heroes, and Generations are great games despite having primarily 3D environments. Sonic more got its appeal from how fast it was. Sonic being fast was what made him unique from Mario at the time. Instead of precision platforming, it was about fast reactions. So removing the charm of Sonic would be more about removing Sonic's speed, not the visual style or being 2D. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with preferring a side-scrolling Sonic game with sprites, but I don't really think its fair to argue that's what the Sonic games were most well known for.

  39. i think this is the best 5 seconds of a video ive ever seen

  40. Idk why but I feel like enjoyed this game a lot more in mobile

  41. I love this game intruding this mmo to my wife and kids was easy and great learning for them they all have a blast getting cosmetics.

  42. i loved seeing knights called Sir Cumference and stuff like that as a kid with the 2d. at minute 28 when Yugioh was brought up, its great seeing 'Marik from Wish'

  43. 2:52 I don't know that moving away from an iconic 2D style always hurts a franchise. Even with your own example of sonic, while the first 3D game in the series (Sonic 3D Blast a.k.a. Sonic On Ice) was absolutely terrible. That didn't bar Sonic in 3D from having good installments. Like Sonic Adventures 2. Also some of the best Mario games have been 3D. Even though the first 20-ish Mario related titles were 2D. If the core aesthetic is good enough it will translate well to 3D. Because being 2D isn't necessarily part of a game's core aesthetic.

    But for some games being 2D really is a core part of what makes them look good. Vectorman would have never worked in 3D for instance (in keeping with sticking to retro games that started off in 2D as examples). There were plans to make a sequel to the first 2 games in 3D. But those were cancelled. Largely due to fans hating Vectorman's complete rework in preview footage. And I think the problem here was that as a most floating orbs in 2D vectorman's animation was minimalist but solid. Also it made it really easy to rearrange his parts into various transformed boosts (like train, car, or rhino). But in 3D this doesn't work as well. Vectorman with the same number of orbs would only look like a train from one angle. So they had to change how he looked entirely and it no longer looked like a related game.

    Some things don't only look best in 2D. But only look good in 2D. Or it's too much effort to make them look good in 3D. I can agree that at least Adventure Quest doesn't translate well to 3D. Because being 2D is part of it's core aesthetic. Adventure Quest Worlds is about as close as it can get to pulling it off. But that doesn't mean this is anything approaching a rule for 2d games. At least not a rule that holds true at a rate better than chance.

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