Worst MMO Ever? – Adventure Quest 3D

Josh Strife Hayes


Personal Opinion, Artix games have some of the funniest writing of any game, the comic timing, references and understanding of comedic conventions is masterful, that being said…

the transition to 3d has not been too kind.

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  1. My most fondest gaming memories were playing mechquest, adventure quest and dragonfable. I'm downloading mechquest as we speak, I remember playing as a police mech which was super fun.

  2. “Making something 3D removes everything that made it unique!”
    Tell that to Disney, and all their half-baked remakes.

  3. If only they didn’t even develop aqw3d and put that effort into the mobile port

  4. All of their games feel the same, which is really something.

  5. Wtf the post intro changed?
    When i played i fell by Robin

  6. I've been playing AQ3D on and off for 3 years, it's not the best game, but I like a story where I don't have to take myself too seriously. There is no P2W, as almost all of micro transactions are for cosmetics.
    AE is pretty good, they listen to the players quite often, and do live events which bring the players together.
    The grinding is not so great, sometimes you grind for days for a piece of gear that will become obsolete once the next powercreep is introduced, but now they have introduced a scaling system so it's not as bad (the grind is still hell tho).
    Now I only come back to the game when there are major update, play for a month or two, then go back to hibernation.

  7. Aqw 3d is buggy but still very impressive for being a Mobil game. ARTIX will forever be the best, So many gr8 memories from there games!!

  8. Woah I played this back in like 2016 and what you've shown in this video is VASTLY different to what I experienced, if i recall you started IN a battlefield and had to accompany the buff mascot guy to a castle, fighting skeletons on a path surrounded by carts and thing on fire lol

  9. i quite liked the adventure quest games. good fun when i was a kid

  10. adventure quest world was solely about aesthetic and the ridiculous story. it was a pretty good time waster. adventure quest 3d ruined those 2 points, now there is literally no reason to play it

  11. He speaks as if people who play mmo rpg games waste more than 10 hours looking at the sky and etc

  12. Missed moment of saying "it was the kings and queens of 2D RPG and now the jester of the 3D world"

  13. holy shit… adventure quest! … i admit i was laughing along with the jokes. Then you show breaking benjamin! i love this band

  14. Me: "Surely it hasn't been out for 5 years… oh. Oh it has. And I Kickstarted it…"

  15. I like adventure quest 3d because they had breaking benjamin in it. That's one of the best things i liked about it.
    Other than that it was fun when i did play it

  16. sorry – _mecha baltar_? How have I not come across this before?

  17. I'm curious, is Chris Turner, the first one from the backers list, the drummer of Oceans Ate Alaska…🧐

  18. I think the 3D is clearly outdated and had a lot of choppy and clipped gameplay but LOVE the models they look well done

  19. I still have memories of the strange clunky sound effects from the early 2000's in Adventure Quest. Good times on the ol' school computers, and sneaking downstairs at night to play it on the laptop.

  20. I remember adventure quest worlds and all my friends having their accounts stolen.

  21. Artix has really improved on this game recently. I think your review ended up as feedback and had a positive impact!

  22. its also just adventure quest. it started out as 2d game on the browser and now they made this in 2016. its really for kids or people who like a simple mmorpg. its easy to learn, navigate and have some fun. and guess what, you can run it on almost anything. FOR FREE. its not pay to win either. so thats always great. at least its not a cashgrabber like wizard101. you also tend to not know shit about how to even play the game. never had a problem with this and neither with wizard101 and i watched your wizard101 video which was ATROCIOUS. an 8 year old can navigate and play the game better than you can. id hate to see drive or work on a car.

  23. Wow, I had completely forgotten about the original adventure quest game until that little clip in the beginning! Oh, the memories!

  24. "Oh, 2D games are better, 3D games have no charm". Bruh, that's your opinion on it, I don't give a fuck if you have deep nostalgia for 2D sonic or Adventure Quest or whatever the fuck you like, saying that 3D versions of old 2D games are not that good in comparison is just idiotic at best.

  25. 15:50
    a year later, the 4 part charlie the unicorn finale came out and it was brilliant

  26. Man, look at that bubble text lol. So many lazy designs.

  27. i really liked this game back in 2018, back then there were less bugs(we were able to travel through the map 16:35 this is a bug or they changed the mechanics?, brutalcorn drops loot, the bug at 32:00, the maps were full of people, etc.) not to say there were no bugs, there were many, one particular bug is in dracula's castle where you need to kill 5 consecutive bosses, but there was a bug similar to the brutal corn bug in this video, where after beating the last boss, you will be teleported out of the room, meaning that you failed the mission and you have to do everything again, it was patched after around a week, there was supposed to be a cutscene after the battle, that would lead to the completion of the quest, I get your point on how the game is (for the lack of a singular encompassing adjective) bad when compared to other mmos, you are actually correct, this game is bad, but just like any game, it gets better with good company, my favorite moments were when me and my friends were competing to get the full underworld set from underworld raid boss(after a week, there were less people in the raid dungeon because most of the people had what they want and didnt need the materials from there anymore, only me and my other friend had the full set), and then there was davy jones locker, it was very difficult as only four people were allowed in one room, and there was parkour, and worst of all, there is no respawn in any boss dungeon so combined with the parkour, it was very terrifying. and then they released the berserker class, a new map then the band event, after that there was 3? months of no updates, by this time I was the only one from my friends who played the game, I thought this was a good time to drop the game, and i had no one to play it with too, so i stopped playing around 2019. yeah terrible game, but like any games, those were good times.

  28. Read the quest logs a lot of the story is hidden in the writing.

  29. The company isn't perfect, but Dragonfable is the reason I play video games at all. I probably sunk dozens, if not hundreds of hours into that flash RPG. It's actually surprisingly deep considering it's a free flash game, and it's still being updated and added onto last I checked. As much as it has its flaws, it's a genuinely funny and extremely entertaining game with great characters and a surprisingly cool story. Plus the way they handled classes, quests, and weapon elements was actually really fun and I kinda wish more mainstream games would take notes. For a free flash RPG at least.

  30. They should remake adventure quest for mobile, it has the perfect format for mobile

  31. Despite whether or not the game is "good or bad" the people behind Artic Entertainment are great people. They just need some…focus 😅

  32. This game is a compilation of jokes, and half are intentional

  33. DragonFable is a classic, I just wish that they would make it standalone and offline.

  34. I actually like the look of this game. Would consider playing it if it had more polish

  35. It's like they saw FFXIV and said, "Let's do that, but with crack."

  36. i play it and i even spend like 70 or 80 Euros on it already, not becouse is the best looking game nor the best gameplay or story but i enjoy playing it and once it catch ya, its an instant fun and laught to play it, the fact i can play at work or on drive till work ( 2 and half hours way and back) and i can play at home when i find myself having time playing it. Is not the best of the market but if you play it enough you find it entertaining 🙂 i almost complete more then 50% of the game and maps, i have a few whitch i didn''t finish whitch i intend to finish next month

  37. Gods I remember their games back in the day. And by back in the day I mean all the way back. I was a Guardian before DragonFable was announced, because it was a fun time waster online, and it regularly made me laugh. DragonFable is something I still bring up in conversations with my Girlfriend(She kicked the moglin at the start being one of my fondest memories of her), and the way they made those stories intertwine without stepping on each others toes was fantastic. Still annoyed with that one door that never opened in the first keep.

    Regardless, both games were fun and interesting, and could reliably get a lol from me in any new content. The Knights of Nerf, the Dragon Mobs, that thing with the alchemist using size changing potions on everything. All fun, interesting events.

    Then came MechQuest, and I was all over that. The other two were feature complete, with DF just getting housing at that point for easy class switching and class locking(Yeah, you had to switch classes EVERY time you logged in until that point), so all promises fulfilled, and the updates were still coming, so I was fine with them going onto other things.

    And MechQuest launched a lot less feature complete than the other two, really felt rushed out, but no paid content until just before launch, so at least they had some honor. And to be fair, it was still a fun game. The Mech customization was a bit wish-washy, but it was improving with each update, and the world was unfurling interestingly, especially as they started to have 'synced' events, where something would happen in one game to affect another, leading to the big cross over war thing that resulted in things like meches with magic staff weapons, and knights of old with plasma cannons. Awesome stuff.

    But MechQuest started to languish a bit. Minigames promised since launch were either released in barely functional states, or scrapped entirely. Mechanics like AI 'helpers' for battles were simply not there yet, despite being an obvious part of both on foot combat and in mech combat, where they would become support crew.

    Then we got to the cowboy horse planet. A great, funny, and sometimes well designed bit of questing, with some of the new features, like for the train heist you got a helper, nothing great, but it had promise, and the story was ramping up as we started to uncover who was behind all the chaos stuff going on.

    And then they announced another new game. In a month a second. And by the end of that year, a third. It become obvious that their heart wasn't in the other games, which sometimes went a month+ without a substantial update or event, and in fact that started to reuse old events as a kind of stop gap, but it felt hollow the second time, especially when they had changed nothing. Oh, and Voice Acting started to become a big thing for them. I think because the Candy Cane song became such a hit, but it really never did more than make the dialogue slower and clunkier.

    I quit sometime around 6 months after the cowboy planet in mech quest, and I've never been back, sadly.

  38. what is sad is that the tutorial was even worse when i started playing aq3d and it got ALOT better and is till poop

  39. I looked at this and wondered, did they really just rip off all the WoW models and textures? Why yes, yes they did.

  40. You should try out Lineage 2. I did recently and was really surprised at the amount of automated systems that are in that game. Ex. Automatically teleporting to quest objectives, automatically battling enemies/skill use, etc. It's unfortunate, cause the world itself actually looked quite nice for the time it released. Just didn't have a real reason to see or explore it

  41. I'm sorry I'm trying to follow along with this review, but this game just has so much randomness and whiplash built into it that you trying to describe it is giving me that same effect lol.

    What an absolutely terrible game lol. Terrible in a charming way, to be sure, but terrible nonetheless.

  42. They fixed the cursor thing. I thought this was pretty decent for what it was. Not great but decent time playing and a little humor.

  43. Find it a bit inconsistent to criticize them guiding the way and giving rewards at 31:10, yet earlier you criticized them not hand holding to the point of telling you that red circles are bad. Also the "they're good at jokes" point gets so belabored and just beaten into the ground. Agree with most of this, but not the best JSH video

  44. I think artix really had the opportunity to make a great mmo. Instead of making the mmo be story based and direct the way it is I think they should have taken the runescape route. Drop your character into the world and let them do whatever and just have a bunch if side stories with quest chains or one off stories.

  45. I want to see josh review Pirates online – the pirates of the caribbean mmo

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