Wild Weathers Of The Wayward Realms

OnceLost Games
Here’s a sneak peak at our weather changes within The Wayward Realms. More info about weathers coming soon in our next Devlog
We are the developers of upcoming Grand RPG, “The Wayward Realms.”

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Music by Herberling Music-


  1. Can't wait for cemeteries/crypts…I hope we get some gated ones

  2. I just hope there's going to be a third person option. Or a mod. Something.

  3. Just gotta keep telling myself to be patient….

  4. Those storms and waves are looking epic! Can't wait to be caught out in the weather and have to seek the nearest shelter! Loving the celestial bodies in the sky too, adds a great layer to the usual plain clear sky.

  5. Woo! Finally some gameplay to put in my videos when I mention your game 😀

  6. The visuals are looking very nice indeed. Moody and beautiful. 👍

  7. I always get this game mixed up with Avowed and thats not a bad thing : )

  8. Looking amazing! I can't wait to see a new RPG on the market it will be such a breath of fresh air!

  9. love the music. Good vibes overall.
    Please take your time with this game.

  10. Looks really good. I'd love to see a type of seriously heavy rain and thick heavy snowfall. The storm rain here looked ok but it would be nice to see it heavier. Anyway, keep going and it's great to see the game's progress!

  11. As a veteran rpg player i find it frustrating in some games to play on a massive open world with a player that never hungers nor thirst nor needs to rest from time to time.Moreover you walk inside an inn expecting to be able to chill out for a while but all you can do is stand still or buy stuff from the counter. I want to be able to sit , lay dow or even lean against the wall. Please guys make this possible for player in The Wayward Realms.

  12. Þe red, blue, and green bars are obviously Healþ, Mana, and Stamina, but what's þe purple bar? Or would þat be too much of a spoiler?

  13. I'm so excited to adventure around in this game! Keep the updates coming pls! I wanna know more about the various cultures lore about that broken moon…

  14. damn, they nailed that Daggerfall vibe

  15. Wow the weather looks amazing, that thunder storm in the distance!

  16. It really looks way better than I would ever dare to expect. Really good job!

  17. I love the waves, crashing on the seashore! Sooo cool! But I sure hope there's wind in the trees at some point. They look like computer game models. lol. They need to blow in the breeze.

  18. Amazing, I'm waiting so much this game

  19. I love how well this already captures the feel and atmosphere of Daggerfall.

  20. Elder scrolls won't be ready 4- 5 years from now lol. Keep on working my bruddas.😤

    We need more RPGs like this.

  21. This is getting me all excited. I don't even care about Elder Scrolls 6 right now.

  22. Loving the look of the game so far can't wait to learn about the game play. Really looking forward to this game

  23. Wow it seems like you are succesfuly recapturing the atmosphere that made Daggerfall great!

  24. Really looking forward to this, but take your time and make the best game you can 😃

  25. Thank you for the updates on the progress that’s being made. I can’t wait to play this

  26. So. Some premade assets are thrown together with either a Unity or e5 engine and no actual game play……….

  27. It is one of the games that excites me the most for a long time. I have a question, will there be really beautiful fantasy forests in the game? For example, things like the forest on the island of Yakushima, I would like to see really huge, dense and beautiful forests in this big game, but I am also aware that they can be demanding on a hardware level.

    It's that there are lots of games that are limited to putting bland forests on the screen, simple accumulations of bland trees, yes, there are in the real world, but this game seems ideal to appeal to the sense of wonder with its scenarios.

  28. Hope npcs will be powered by AI and will be able to talk to you.

  29. I want to play this so bad. All of the time. 🤗🥰

  30. This kind of project is such a gift. The attempt to create a huge old-school RPG that aims to give the excitement from exploration and being sucked into a magical world for possibly hundreds of hours, I just feel thankful and happy. 🤗❤

  31. Looks great. I'm so excited to play this. Been a daggerfall fan since it came out.

  32. Just tell me when i can start to preorder this

  33. Haunting and romantic like a modern day sequel of DAGGERFALL. Mesmerizing ☕

  34. Wow, it's really good, but fuck, fantasy? Seriously? Why, there are hundreds of RPGs in fantasy world, its terrible to look on elf's, dworfs, and orks in hundred and hundred time. Specifically if you guys have so many real time periods that looks a way better, it's disgusting, really

  35. I can't wait! The soundtrack has a real Daggerfall vibe to it.

  36. Been following this for about 2 years now and its nice to start seeing some parts of the actual game, even in pre alpha. Can't wait to see more

  37. Environment looks awesome, UI looks a little rushed though

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