What’s NEW in GTA 5 Online on the PS5 & Xbox Series X

▶What’s NEW in GTA 5 Online on the PS5 & Xbox Series X


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  1. As someone who has played gta on all 3 generations of xbox since the start I say it’s worth the $20 for online and story mode if you’re thinking about it getting it if $20 is a big deal then don’t but if it’s not a big deal just get it and you’ll be happy with your choice

  2. GTA5 and GTAO….17th September 2013 to 15th March 2022 RRIIPP 👎👎

  3. There's a setting on ps5 to turn motion blur off, motion effects its called I literally turned it off earlier today 👍👍

  4. Heaps of people have already transferred their modded accounts over to the ps5 with there modded cars and money so I guess you could get one that way maybe

  5. The 360, then the first versions of the xbox one s and x are fine and you can just unbolt the rf card, here they rushed the consoles or something and the new x I can't even buy because the rf card is now soldered onto the thing. I own no wireless devices so in my case I see no reason to downgrade my health. It may work without thr rf card, but the thing is like 900 dollars, pc play may be a possibility I got an older tower without the onboard wireless to it. That is real strange though this is the first xbox to not have a removeable rf card, the thing puts out rf even when off.

  6. Is performance RT only on Xbox series X ? cus I dint have it on series s

  7. Export dock cars were bugged when I played in a public session, map went white and didn't allow you to turn the car in once you got to the docks.

  8. Buy it or not?…. did you go through the trouble and expense of buying a next Gen console to play ps4 quality games? Game looks significantly better and runs significantly better – especially if you play on a large TV, not a monitor.

  9. They sped up the UPS vehicles a bit as well please check this out !!!

  10. Yes F-1 cars sell perfectly please research how much of a cut we get I don’t know

  11. Y’all are brain washed y’all are turning into rockstar I’m waiting till gta 6 comes out then I’ll get a series x

  12. I wasn’t blown away. It was similar to the PS3 to PS4 upgrade. That was good, but I was expecting a better jump in quality.
    On a side note…..
    Where are all the missions? I wasn’t able to find them in the online section. I was able to call Gerald, get a mission and pick the next mission afterwards.

  13. Will this content be available on PC eventually?

  14. Performance RT during action scenes is sick 🔥🔥🔥

  15. You can buy molded cars, tested it tonight.

  16. It’s most definitely better now Fidelity mode is useless on my PS5 But other than that A+

  17. For me trilogy was less dissapointing then this update. Account stuck on PC. Payd for GTA 4th time. Just feels really depressing

  18. Highkey needs a patch within the upcoming weeks tbh

  19. Why would rockstar release a trailer a day after release massive rockstar logic 😅

  20. On PS5 it takes between 3-5 secs to switch to a private session via a full public session. 🤩👍

  21. Did everyone else not get the free paint?

  22. If Rockstar can honestly bring those quality of life updates to Xbox one and PS4, I’m fine playing on the those consoles.

  23. It’s the same ps3 game nobody cares about gta v anymore

  24. thanks for the video, what i did see so far there has been some interaction menu changes

  25. So far elden ring has been the prettiest next gen game

  26. The Trailer is made on a $ 5.000 PC with Mods.
    NEVER ever in this world can a $ 500 bucks console show that much details.

  27. Can you still play with older gen consoles with people on the expanded and enhanced

  28. I was stupid enough to think they’re hold actually upgrade it to the rdr2 engine

  29. Must be using Xbox series x or PS4 as my display settings don't say brightness it's HDR calibration.

  30. if you have the patriot tyre smoke, it changes its colurs WAY FASTER! Its like your in a Disco lol

  31. I had no expectations for this update. But honestly. They did more than I thought. I play on a 1440p monitor and it looks good. With fidelity. When I turn on Performance the Draw distance and less anti aliasing begin to show and look like the ps5 version a bit. Frames are high but the quality usnt there Performance RT is better than Performance alone but I still notice the draw distance issue. Textures and things like grass pop up as you drive towards them which I'd kind of an eyesore.
    Then I land on fidelity. Lower frames. Steady mostly. Motion blur. Better looking grass and a dynamic looking draw distance.'

  32. Welp too bad still cant get a new playstation for under a thousand bucks

  33. I hope they add animals and No Weaponized Vehicles online sessions to the game in future

  34. The only reason not to upgrade and migrate is if you can't 😂

  35. another "updated version" and still no beards or clothes physics 😂 ill pass

  36. Honestly, it's worth $0. They didn't even bother to make manual transmissions an option. It's the exact same game as before but it looks a few percent better graphically. Btw, you'll rarely notice it on Series X bc the emulation was quite good. You get $4m and a$2.6M car for your purchase price. That's it. So if you want a new character, then I guess it's a way to get off to a half decent start. Fo:NV is still 30x better. This game has been run into the ground and is virtually indistinguishable from prior gen EXCEPT car handling is a little different. The loading is no faster on the Series X internal drive IMO. if you notice 3 out of 45 seconds with all the copyright/etc screens good for you. This should've been a simple patch to existing versions since they didn't make one single significant leap in this. OK, your framerate is better. PC already was. A few new cars? There are like 600, and I still have no garage space so where shall I put them? The whole thing, including story mode, should've been, at most, a $5 patch charge or they should've put in actual new features. This is GTA V, another, dumb, lazy rehash. Final grade, F-.


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