What does DOGDAY think of CATNAP? – Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 #dogday #shorts

DogDay shares his opinion on CatNap

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The toys of Playtime Co. are a lively bunch! From Bron to Huggy, Poppy to Mommy Long Legs, CatNap, Miss Delight, Walking DogDay, Playtime does it all! As long as you’re at Playtime Co., why not pay the toys a little visit? You might just make a few friends…

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  1. Dogday is my friend i like dogday ❤❤❤🎉🎉😊😊😊

  2. Me hoping it’s not knowing full well it is:Is this a mod?

  3. Nah CatNap didn't kill all the smiling critters, he killed only bubbaphant and hoppy, Prototype killed kicken chicken and they locked Bobby Bearhug bcz she was afraid of being alone and thus died bcz of getting trapped in room alone, later craftycorn she killed a child for his blood that she needed for her painting and lastly picky she ate all of the smiling critters after they died
    Yes they tortured dogday, in his cutout you can hear he screams the longest and you can also hear chainsaw cutting his legs and then his legs hitting ground

  4. Man i wish they had Dogdat as the narrator/guide instead of Ollie honestly

  5. Is this real did dog day got his legs back

  6. but he didn:t die ? i dont understand can someone explain

  7. Player really said “beat ‘em up!”

  8. That's why you didn't kill you cause you got a crush

  9. Cat nab did not kill anybody it is piggy piggy. Piggy piggy just eat them😅

  10. I hope to god this isn't ai. Sounds dead af

  11. The worst part is the smaller critters mind control him I think
    (Srr the the spoiler)

  12. Catnap left dogday to be alive and catnap want dogday suffer because the only reason is Catnap is always want to be the leader instead of dagday (poor Dogday im very sorry for saying this)

  13. Also dog day catnap has a huge crush on you that's why he didn't killed all of the smiling creators so you can be alive cause he got a huge crush on you and he want you to go out there a date with cat cat not said to me he want to go out at the date

  14. Hold up I'm new and HOW did dogday got his legs back???????

  15. Is this a mod?
    Cuz I don't rmr this in the game

  16. How did you actually get him to walk around

  17. Howd you get him to follow you around??

  18. My heart aches for Dogday everytime he calls us angel

    I dont want him to die😭

  19. I mean catnap being sadistic and killing the weaker critters make sense. As a dog is loyal, a cat is not. Cats can love but, they are cruel hunters. They play with their food while it’s on the brink of death. They are known to eat their dead owners even if they have food to survive with for a while. I have a feeling that cat must of ether gotten jealous or it was just his animal instincts kicking in. Dogs don’t like cats supposedly and vice versa it’d be fitting if cat didn’t like him and wanted to ruin it for him.

  20. This is fake dog day doesn’t have legs any more???????😭

  21. Could you tell me how is he walking with you here please?

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