We Work Out With Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure For 30 Days

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“Uhh…the game said my sweat was shiny and beautiful?”


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  1. The dude did like less than 15 days out of the 30. Like cmon.

  2. Kelsey has a Tread and Peleton…. she does not need the ring fit adventure

  3. The game is a great for exercise but I found myself disliking the games annoying story

  4. You skipped 10 days cause it's not fun like Overwatch? Wow

  5. im definatly looking at getting this to start my training again as i do have a desk job and drive a lot :/

    for anyone who needs it to be more challenging i would say add some ankle, wrist and vest weights to intensify the work outs 🙂

  6. This video is pointless, literally watching to see a commitment to see the transformation.. and this wasnt done

  7. I'm sorry but that thumbnail literally didn't change anything..like all you did was change up the pose. There was absolutely no visible difference in your ''body change''.

  8. This game doesnt seem like you are getting a workout but you are. It is more of a total body workout so you will get a little cardio and you'll do the rest of your body. Everyday I say this workout was crap then 3 hours later my body is like come again?

  9. Maybe you should ditch all the booze and…is that a smoking instrument on your coffee table?

  10. It’s a great game! Love how it plays. The motion controls sometimes confuse themself but besides that it’s great.

  11. Really stop? Thats not even a challenge anymore
    What a useless vid

  12. Love ring fit!
    Hey guys
    Please check out my new Youtube Channel! Support the new youtubers with a view 🥰

  13. I have bought this and I am so glad I did. Idk if I can get abs while doing this but even if I can't it's so worth ittt

  14. 7:49 My dude has straight-up porn on his wall and they put it in the video lol.

  15. If they were gonna have 3 people doing this they should've gotten differently sized people. Large, medium and small sized that is. You want results then you need somethin to compare to and show if it works for different people. What's the point of gettin them to do it when they are already lean and fit. Very poor effort when they don't even do it religiously when it was supposed to be a challenge for 30 days. Oh well~~

  16. Who cares if they didn't stick to the challenge completely? Isn't the whole point in a game to motivate you to WANT to play it? It sounds like it's not holding up in that area as much as it should – even just based on what Kelsey says about it. Mental health is just as much an obstacle to exercising as physique or fitness level. Give them a break, geez.

  17. So this is one of the videos that keeps getting my ring fit video suggested. Great video and thankyou so much!

  18. What a bunch of unfunny and boring bunch.

  19. Jesus Christ this Kelsey seems like a really fun time 🤦‍♂️

  20. hello i'm 25ydi'm pretty skinny /somebelly going on ,,, and pretty weak , do you suggest me to purchase this ? or anybody who see this comment? thx

  21. Prove: No amount of gamification makes a lazy person that doesn´t want to do it make a person stick to it. Some people are just a lost cause.

  22. I love research. LOL. I’m getting a Switch soon and want this.

  23. The black haired guy and the girl were the most reliable source of information for how they did stick to it for 30 days.

  24. Best game ever. It’s expensive hardware. Hope more games will be made for the Ring Fit without requiring us to buy another hardware. 👍

  25. 1:59 i have one and the first time i did it i was 5 min in and i was so sweaty

  26. I know I'm late to the party, but I got this 5 days ago. Since I'm a pretty sedentary gamer and never learned a good relationship with exercise, I knew it might be the only way for me to actually build the habit in a way I enjoy and stay consistent. I've been jogging in place and doing my own thing for a couple months, but the Ring Fit makes it so much easier and definitely helps with the cardio and I sweat twice as much after the same amount of time than I would doing it with music. at the very least it helps maintain what muscle I've gained since I began- and I like having muscles I can see. Totally worth the price tag!

  27. I mean some people don't even work out but that's okay it doesn't really matter I mean what does people doesn't matter if you're strong or not but still

  28. I sometimes play adventure mode 3 hours a day!

  29. This is really a bad video. I commend them all for trying it out, but in regards to the two guys, they really dropped the ball on it. Also, I thought Kelsey probably didn't have her settings right or didn't make it in enough to get a better variety of workouts because I've seen a lot of fitness people really enjoy this game and its workout variety.

  30. Those cats steal all the attention away.

  31. Buzzfeed and lower-testosterone than an 80yo with cancer journalists hit again 👎

  32. Just put order of it online, bloody waiting time ~~~ 🙂

  33. 6:15 ah… speak for yourself. I like playing this game alot, I look forward to playing this daily.

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