We LAMENT This Super Mario RPG Change! #nintendoswitch

There’s an interest change to Nimbus Land in the Super Mario RPG Remake! #nintendoswitch #supermariorpg #supermario


  1. PROFOUNDLY PARANOID TAKE: the original joke plays too much on ideas of ‘the masses’ and ‘blue collar’ as negatives which are also positives and Nintendo really doesn’t want to look like they’re in any kind of discourse

  2. At least Peach's ??? is still there..they easily could have removed that or called it "Mystery Object"

  3. I honestly don’t like the change. Mario is already considered a world renowned hero and everyone loves him, every once in a while he needs to be humbled.

  4. Bruh, how does one sneak Gold Mario into anywhere?

  5. Bizarre change given the film took Mario back to the very roots that were accurately described in the original game!

  6. Just guessing is tryting to makeup an Luigi's reference…

    But still a difference.

  7. The change was probably cause Nintendo knows more kids will buy it and most modern kids are full of depression so it's more of a kind hearted message

  8. If only they actually added Luigi as a playable character instead of just referencing him (he has the same moves and every mention of Mario is swapped to Luigi, and Luigi's wish is swapped to Mario wishing Luigi good luck on his adventure)

  9. Willing to bet this is 100% more accurate to the original japanese version
    Did y'all just forget that they redid the localization? They didn't just change certain things, they redid the whole thing to be more accurate
    This is a really stupid short

  10. Prolly cause its offensive to blue collars🤣

  11. "but why…" do we care. its such a minor change. "oh look somethinf different in a remake, better make a video on it to get clicks."

  12. Honestly I like both versions, because the new one has Luigi reference.

  13. Isn’t it because (in the games) Mario isn’t a plumber anymore? Or was that just a hoax?

  14. It’s a reference to Luigi, and they didn’t want to be rude to their mascot in the same way

  15. I actually prefer the reMakes lines far more. And animations.

  16. A big change? Your definitions of big are clearly different from mine. Besides, one text box of change isn't going to keep me from buying it.

  17. This is a change to make it more faithful to the original Japanese script.The original name is 弟をたずねて四千里(4000 Leagues in Search of Little Brother)

  18. I feel like this change was made because I’m sure a lot of people asked where Luigi was in the original Mario RPG.
    Luigi was never seen in the original, nor was he ever referenced, at least to my knowledge.

  19. I kinda missed the part where Mallow mentions Bruce Lee lmao

  20. i've never played either version of this game but it sounds like they wanted to get rid of the references Mario's working-class roots and i'm livid >:c


  22. A shame…if only mario could venture alongside his brother.
    perhaps we shall see the superstars side – by side another day.

  23. I don’t know why they felt the need to remove all the references to Mario being a plumber in this.
    Even Luigi’s wish was changed from “I want to be a great plumber like my brother, Mario.”

    It was just strange to me that they made those changes.

  24. Probably changed it because they're referring to plumbers as "simple fool"

  25. Blame the N64 era. Mario and Luigi were depicted more like brothers rather than pallette swaps. Hell, one of the RPG series that spawned from this controls both brothers. I think this was to reflect that.

  26. The somber tone of the first iteration makes the art piece feel much more raw and resonates to the hearts of the oppressed. This new one just is happy go-lucky

  27. Also boss "Valentina" boobs don't bounce like the original..Oh well I have the original SNES version so I can still see the physics 😅

  28. I’m actually wondering when I saw that if it was referencing the movie so that’s ultimately his main goal in it

  29. This wasn't as convincing then the original did

  30. I think the change was nintendo’s attempt to make matpat redo his mario is mental theory and say its luigi thats mental not mario or something

  31. I liked the sideburns representing his blue collar roots. It's nice to see examples of his being a plumber, ESPECIALLY in little tiny doses like that. Like it's more his old life and now he's someone new

  32. This is plumber erasure nintendo i cant bealive this.

  33. They changed that toad dialogue too right? They little one saying stuff about getting hitched

  34. Oh! I thought this was gonna be about the removal of Valentina’s jiggle physics!

  35. it’s kind of interesting that people dont remember gold mario appeared in this game and he was brought back to see how well he could stick out these days

  36. The one change I really dislike and its probly just me is that mario doesn't throw up the victory "V" when he does stuff. He tips his hat now.

  37. They also changed what Belome says after the first fight and i kinda miss the cheesy dialogue

  38. Didn't Miyamoto also say kind of recently that Mario's no longer a plumber?

  39. This one is closer to the original Japanese version, which referenced Luigi in a similar way.

  40. Same reason all the Pokémon rivals are nice now.

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