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Josh Strife Plays


Adventure Quest, the Online Flash RPG made by Atrix, set in the sleepy town of Battleon.

Everyone played this, or at least tried to, it’s been around since 2002, and dominated websites like newgrounds, flashgames and miniclip, it was THE free 2d RPG, for a while.

Then Flash player died, but Adventure Quest is still alive through the Artix launcher!

So, I’ve gone back and played Adventure Quest every day for a month to see how it’s held up, and ask, was it actually, any good?


  1. Man I was so keen for the nostalgia trip of this video but couldn't make it through the 40 minutes of listing every UI inconsistency. Points for being thorough though.

  2. God how many hours I threw at this, I’ll never know. I loved this game sooooo much. Played for 7 years and then one day I didn’t.

    Good memories.

  3. I remembered this game being linear and very short. You fought a big serpent on a bridge while (looking for?) a knight named Sir Pent, then you went to Surewould forest and encountered Robina Hood.
    I remember the game ending there so watching this video is wild.

  4. Good video, but it's kind of hilarious you talk about how the AQ was made with love while criticizing modern games for being "soulless" – then immediately after explain how it would cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to unlock all the items in it. Seems kind of soulless to me!

  5. I lived these games as a teenager, but I always felt like I was so underleved that I wasn't seeing the cool, new desgined characters, and once I got there, the game would become legitimately good, and not just good in theory.

  6. The design looks a little like it is just a way to show off which possible elements there are! But kids, this happens when you program like everything as its own thing. Don't try this at home! Use superclasses!

  7. This game led me to my drug "Mechquest"

  8. My favorite thing was following the vampire and werewolf conflict and then the Draco-werepire armor where you can be a dragon, werewolf, and a vampire. It was dope as hell

  9. It was decent until they added a soft cap for xp and stuff that you spend 5 minutes reaching

  10. I swear if this port this to mobile i will spend money on it

  11. Omg I tried for so long to remember what this game was. I was just about to accept that this would forever be a lost memory

  12. I always played the related game Mechquest instead! Kinda want to go back and see how it's doing nowadays

  13. I have never played this game and now I'm glad I didn't.

  14. This is one long Adventure

    10/10 joke

  15. I mean I have played for years so ya this is really just all absurdity I take for granted. So junky but games were all jank back then and I can't hate it.

  16. You gotta realize, Artix (Adam Bohn) is Floridian. He's entirely normal.

    We're all like this.

  17. This was a web game that oddly wasn't blacklisted by my school district (along with NewGrounds) and so there were always a bunch of us huddled in the computer lab at lunch playing this game. This video dredged up a TON of super happy memories, so cheers man.

    I miss AdventureQuest fiercely, and I hope we see more from that world in a single or double A quality game in the foreseeable future.

  18. My 5th grade friend and I got into a fist fight at school because I said Runescape was better, and he said Adventure Quest was better. I'm sure the teachers and principal were extremely confused with wtf was going on with us kids in 2004.

  19. Adventure quest and then DragonFable were my absolute favorite things as a kid. Underrated flash mmos

  20. My character in this game is perma-locked into unwinnable fights that drain my XP because I hacked the game to give me the limited edition Magic the Gathering crossover spells that I couldn't get because I wasn't playing at the time. Good times, good times.

  21. i played this for years….i feel old now hahahaha

  22. You're in love with random geometric shapes as enemies? excited Ramiel noises

  23. i was poor growing up so this was my jam. ty for covering this

  24. Lore? Adventure? Storyline? Tf you mean story line?

  25. Got the guardian upgrade, and it's probably the biggest flex of my life.

  26. Great video but the 20 minutes of pointing out every single instance where the UI was inconsistent was way to exhausting to keep watching. I feel like there was a way to condense that.

  27. Omg I've played this game!!!! I forgot my password so I've never finished this smh.

  28. I downloaded this and I play these all the time when I got nothing else to do

  29. wow this game is shite lol, runescape 2 has aged better XD

  30. this video is unlocking some deep childhood memories and giving me extreme nostalgia. i remember opening multiple tabs on the login screen and continually refreshing until 1 tab could log in, then i'd log in on all of them to bypass the player limit. good times.

  31. I’d watch another 2 hour video on anything from artix, mech quest adventure quest dragon fable and AQ worlds were such huge parts of gaming growing up

  32. Huh… I apprentally still remember my login info…. I haven't played in over 10 years.
    Man, good memories… played these sort of online games for quite a while…. For free ofc, I was a poor, moneyless kid….

  33. oh we played this game in my school library computers! Was great fun!

  34. Omg 31 min in and he still ain’t played the mfer dude stfu you literally talk way to much explaing and filler. Like it felt like a school essay forced 5000 word essay.

  35. I used to ride my bike to the Library to play this all day

  36. There really needs to be an offline version of AQ or a game in its style so you can take it on the go with a handheld/mobile console

  37. Honestly? I'm very much looking forward to you doing a retrospective of DragonFable.

  38. There was a game where you had a party and the mc was a female mage it had a very similar vibe to this but i think it had a ton of sequels or i was playing the same game with a different name i forgot what it was called adventure quest was very similar name

  39. Would love to see Dragon Fable, the was the one I played.

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