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  1. So people are saying the 90 day story mode transfer thing applies for online as well. Is that the case or just BS people are spreading

  2. Bruh wtf I’m only seeing this now. So now I can’t play with like 95% of my other homies.

  3. So do u keep any of the money u had or everything is completely reset when you migrate? And what about your player rank?

  4. Wait so I have ps4 disc version of gta 5 And I play it on my ps5 will it delete my info from the ps4 disc Version that I play on the ps5

  5. Wait so if I join next gen onto a side account would my Maine account get reset?

  6. Ok if I did migrat would i still be able to play like the regular gta on my series x with my Xbox one friend

  7. So you can’t play with you friends who have the original game and not E&E

  8. There need to make it where xbox series x and xbox one can play together

  9. so if im not moving to a new console my account is safe??

  10. It’s saying my account isn’t available for migration at this time!!!! I don’t understand why🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. I did the jump on Xbox consoles but didn't know it wasn't crossplatform im pissed off!!!!! Now I can't play with my friends. An no point in refund cause ill just not have access to my GTA profile that took year's to build up!!!!!!

  12. Damn this sucks I worked hard on my ps4 character to just lose it like that this is a big decision to make shittttttttttttttttt why Rockstar

  13. The more important question is how long is R* gonna keep this game around

  14. it wont let me migrate. I honestly forgot if I did or not is there a way to check??

  15. Cockstar erased all my cars planes and property. Wished I seen this before

  16. Fortunately, i am that guy that done migrating and never look back, ain’t goin back to 30fps

  17. They should have it to where once you migrate that whatever you do on last gen won’t transfer to next gen once you did it

  18. All my cars my submarine my money my houses everything and I don’t know how to get it back

  19. I lost my character for trying to get the free 4 million 😂

  20. Does anyone know if it’s allowed (by PlayStation) to just buy an account with a bunch of money on gta 5 (ps4) so I can still sometimes play with my friends? And if so where can I buy those accounts?

  21. That's y you have more then one profile like I do

  22. Basically you just talk shit just to get views its all on the game axplained n you repeated ur self like 4 times to make video longer go watch mrboosftw lol

  23. I never migrated to pc or anything else but it says my account isn’t eligible

  24. so is the migration cross platform aswell as cross gen? so i can move my xbox character to my ps5?

  25. Can you transfer one character or do you have to do both

  26. I think Rockstar is doing this because eventually they will stop supporting GTA 5 on Old Gen consoles, and all the new upgrades etc. will only be on next Gen… So it's just easier to have everybody on the next Gen's and focus on that….. Like how they did to PS3 / Xbox 360 when PS4 / Xbox One came out.

  27. I had 4mil and when i migrated there was only 400k left

  28. Dude I need help rn, is there anyway for me to switch back to old gen console? I’m level 2014 and I want to be able to play with my friends on old gen, I don’t give a shit about new gen now. Please help

  29. Will they money wipe me I have 55 mill from selling issis

  30. Hey please can someone help me it will not let me migrate my profile over to next gen

  31. If I do this can I still play with people on ps4??

  32. Does anyone know once u change ur character over can u play with old Gen players

  33. Bruh. Yeah thank you so much. If I didn’t watch this, I would have done it and it sounds like I won’t be able to play with my friends anymore.

  34. I can't get the next gen screen to pop up on my next gen

  35. Has anyone migrate yet and what have you lost on you’re gta accounts modded cars money from cayo or what?

  36. If you don’t play with friends, then there’s no harm to migrating right?

  37. I can see them phasing PS4 out. Which is why they forced the migration and splitting the player base. PS4 is about maxed out. And the better dlc will be on new gen

  38. can anyone tell me if I can start a new character and migrate my account later? I have friends who I play GTA V with on the PS4 version, and I want to try the PS5 version, but one of us doesn't have a PS5 yet, so if I transferred my account over, I wouldn't be able to play GTA with them until she got a PS5, but I still want to try out the enhanced PS5 version, so I was thinking creating a new character first, and then later migrate my character over once she does have a PS5

  39. i migrated from p4 to p5 and they said something about a free 4 million but has yet given to me. any way i could do something to get it ?

  40. there has been an error joining a session please return to the main menu gta online next gen… over and over again

    Pls what’s going on?

  41. i accidentally clicked “do not migrate” and do you know if theres a way to put your progress for previous gen to next gen if you already did that?

  42. If i start a new character instead of migrating can i go back and migrate my character if i decide that i want my old character instead?

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