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  1. So to my understanding I can't upgrade my game cause they decided not to let new series x and s console players play with old console players 😒 😑

  2. If you have a ps5 why you want to play ps4????

  3. Does anybody know how last gen trophies/achievements work with the migration thing?

    So if I migrate to PS5 can I still get PS4 trophies on the old version of GTA or is it basically an impossible platinum when you migrate?

  4. All my money is gone after I migrated my account to ps5. I had 10 million+ now I have 0. 😱

  5. I’m glad I saw this before migrating. No point in doing it when most of your friends are still on old gen

  6. I migrated from Xbox one to ps4 before. And couldn’t migrate back. Can i now migrate from ps4 to series x ?

  7. Does it migrate both characters? i need an answer ASAP

  8. What are the biggest problems with nextgen is there is no way to launch a specific job from the in-game menu

  9. Are we able to create a new player on the ps5 version now and migrate later on?

  10. So i never had gta on last gen. I purchased it on my current series X. I bought and downloaded the new version and it made me make a new character. I don't know how to get my character back. Pls help

  11. Is it possible that if I upload the data from the ps4 version and migrate to next gen gta can I download the account that I uploaded to be the cloud

  12. Does anybody know if they will erase your character over time if you don’t buy the VERSION 2

  13. what if your account was made on ps5 on the ps4 edition because that how i made mine because i don’t have a ps4 and it won’t work

  14. Can u play next gen on ur Xbox 1 cause I saw the next gen version in the store. Anyone know

  15. Can u make a vid how to get out of next gen

  16. Quick question I'm hearing several different things is this free for PS5 or is it $39 with a discount

  17. If I don’t migrate and start a new player on ps4 will my old player still be on ps4?

  18. Do you still get the 4 mil if you migrate your character

  19. I’m transferring over from Xbox One to Ps5. I saw they had mentioned money wasn’t eligible to be transferred from Xbox to PlayStation. Does that mean for certain that all of my money from my Xbox account will be lost when I migrate to ps5?

  20. Ps4 can’t join people that are on ps5 anymore either, so I can’t even play with some of my mates anymore till I get a ps5 which is a joke really 😴

  21. Wait so I have not migrated from 360 to Xbox one so on series X I’m able to migrate right?

  22. Another question is that I'm on PS5, but I can migrate from Xbox One. So on Xbox Series X, I can't take it back from PS5?

  23. Heard people saying they lower your level and take some of your acc money

  24. Gonna suck because once all my friends get next gen, I’ll be the one that had to restart since I don’t wanna cross over

  25. my friend just got the new GTA V and he want to transfer his account but apparently he started the Careerbuilder how would you be able to fix that and get his full account back

  26. How about money and rp. Will it be the same. Also what do you recommend

  27. I'm questioning if they will make it so it doesn't delete you old progress after you migrate cuz I accidentally migrated without knowing and I hate it

  28. Can i migrate only 1 of my online characters to next gen or do i have to do both?

  29. I went from Xbox 1 to ps5 and I singed in nothing happened I still had the account from Xbox one on the Xbox one and the account on ps5 on ps5

  30. Can I change my PS4 account to my Xbox series s?

  31. Thanks because I’m the only person in my friend group I would have migrated so fast and wondered why I couldn’t play with them

  32. So if I have two characters and want to overwrite one of them do I still keep the main character or do I lose that both of them and start over ?

  33. so what happens if i pic the criminal career route? would i be able to plug up my ps4 and play with what i’ve had previously

  34. So basically you don't want to migrate because you're a Hacker? 🤣 Boohoo GTA V XS Sucks because you can't Migrate 😭😥😢 Lmfao!!! Ima call you LBJ The stat padder phenomenon!!!

  35. Video was very helpful I just started playing GTA only level 33 maybe why I can't migrate my account to online yet but I will report this to company cause that's just not right to new players like me playing GTA v online

  36. the good thing is that you can still play the ps4 version of gta on the ps5

  37. RIP cheaters lol they cannot migrate 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  38. I dunno man
    I opted not to migrate yet because my boi doesn't have one yet
    But we loaded it up, messed around a bit (on a fresh character) and noticed very minimal differences graphically speaking
    Combat feels a bit like the controller is fighting us too much. Driving has it's moments where handling feels a bit better, but the controller fighting back is still present.
    Maybe it's the fact we aren't used to it yet
    But I know he's sold on not seeing it worthwhile to even get a 5 for this reason. And the divide is definitely holding me back from migrating anytime soon

  39. Get to the point next time. U talk too much

  40. i accidentally migrated the wrong profile and i cant go back. anybody know how to fix this ??? pls help

  41. I have both PS4 & Xbox One accounts that I can migrate to my Xbox Series X . Will I be able to migrate both or only one of the two? I still play online with my Xbox one friends so I migrated my PS4 over to Xbox Series X. Wanted to know would I be able to migrate my Xbox one account to next gen as well when ready to do so? I really hope it’s not a 1 or the other type of deal 🤞🏽🥴

  42. Thanks for those who recommended the above name ⬆️⬆️⬆️ for me, I rely appreciate after gotten scammed 5 times. This dude is legit..

  43. I am currently on the series S and I have not been prompted with the migration nor already been migrated

  44. Can you migrate your ps4 GtaV online character over to Xbox one S/X version of gtaV online?

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