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Hey Swordsmen! We’re thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated martial arts RPG Wandering Sword will be officially releasing on September 15th, 2023!

Experience the latest release date trailer for Wandering Sword, a captivating Chinese martial-arts RPG beautifully combining pixel art with the rich essence of Chinese martial arts culture. Explore expansive worlds, from bustling towns to serene landscapes. Forge bonds with martial artists while mastering diverse martial arts skills and weaponry. Step into your destiny and embark on your path to become a legendary Wuxia master.

Mark your calendars for Wandering Sword’s official release on September 15!

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  1. Hoping y'all can release this to Switch as well in time. 🙂

  2. Please release this on console! I’d love to play this on the Switch or Xbox.

  3. Looks super good cant wait to play this for sure. LETS GOOOO

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