VALHEIM on XBOX is Releasing 14th March!

Jade PG
VALHEIM on XBOX is Releasing 14th March!
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  1. Can we play with other people on console??

  2. Anyone know if it's coming out in new Zealand because I don't see it in the coming soon tab on game pass😭

  3. Hope it comes out… im worried itll be delayed…biggest reason i figured it be on games coming soon in the microsoft store but it hasnt so fingers crossed…

  4. Is it gonna work on Xbox one or is it only on Xbox series X / S

  5. Been waiting for this info. Saw it first here. Xoxo

  6. Do you know if it will be cross save? Like I can play my pc save on my xbox?

  7. Will mouse and keyboard be a feature coming with drop or later on ?

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