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This time we look at one of the not just worst Theme Park video games but worst GameCube games with Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure. This game inspired from Adventures In The Magic Kingdom would let players walk around Universal Studios Japan while taking part in different mini games. Luckily it was remade into a much better version.


  1. I love Universal Orlando Resort so much that I played this game multiple times as a kid despite knowing it was a piece of garbage lol

  2. This is straight out of hell, looks like Disney started this crap to harm Universal. xD

  3. Since I'm a huge fan of Universal I'd probably enjoy this game. They definitely should make a new version with Harry Potter, etc.

    Maybe there could be a Rip Ride Rockit rhythm mini-game.

  4. I Remember Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure game.

  5. Ah yes, my favorite GameCube game, Smash Bros M'Lee

  6. Wouldn’t it just be cooler if you don’t follow Woodys rules of the game and he suddenly challenges you to a boss battle “Magalovania” style.

  7. Me again please please Southport pleasure beach and water park please please please

  8. I have no idea why but this game reminds me of piglet's big game

  9. This game is so good, yet so difficult. especially cause the audience they intended to play would mostly be children. But I LOVE this game and recommend playing it even if mostly everyone else hates it ! 😂😂

  10. Ok how weird is a car doing a stunt on a top of a dinosaur.

  11. I'm surprised how you didn't mention that the Jurassic Park minigame is almost similar to it's arcade game counterparts for that's what that minigame looks like to me.

  12. Be cool if you made expditon accidents. (Try virtual towers)

  13. 7:00 so are we not going to talk about how Oswald The Lucky Rabbit is in the game long before the trade-in with a sports caster and Epic Mickey

  14. I like this game actually. But I see where it falls short

  15. I failed the quiz 1 time on the question: How many acres is Universal Studios Japan? And then it said you need to watch more movies. Like bruh

  16. Garbage on the ground at USJ? No way, not in Japan!

  17. You should check out Universal Studios Roblox! By far the best and most fun digital 3D theme park on the internet! Not to mention the other countless Roblox theme parks! Many are great including Magic Kingdom Theme Park and Disneyland Wales. I would check them out as they are loads of fun to just walk around and to of course ride rides and even watch shows! Thanks again for another great video and keep up the great work!

  18. I guess walking around collecting trash would be better than standing in virtual lines for an hour

  19. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't want to see an Expedition Rollercoaster Tycoon. Also for me more Blackpool Pleasure Beach please!!

  20. wait this is the game that James Rolfe reviewed as AVGN

  21. Thanks so much for this amazing video, I learned so many things about the Universal Studios videogame. I know everyone speaks so bad about this game, but as a theme park enthusiast I love it. I would play it on my Nintendo GameCube every time I would miss Universal. I didn’t know there was an updated version for PS 2, I wish it would have been released in the US! Can’t wait to see the video about Disneyland Adventures for Xbox, which been playing a lot during the pandemic every time I would miss Disney parks. Btw, talking about videogames based on theme parks there is a great one called Disney Magic Kingdoms for Apple and Android 🙂

  22. For some reason I remember playing a game very similar to the Jurrasic Park game on a cabinet in the basement of a beach rental when I was very young, did it ever have a release outside of this?

  23. I would love for you to cover cool japan at universal Japan

  24. My sister bought a Japanese ps2 for ps1/ps2 imports so I bought the remake to test it out

  25. I had a used copy of this game that was scratched to hell and would crash when I tried to go to the Waterworld show. I have wondered for years what the mini game in there was like and needless to say, the answer could not be more disappointing lol

  26. I'm surprised a game this bad was published by a lover of RPGMaker-looking titles and not Universal Interactive. Seriously, Check Six Studios could attest to just how awful of a publisher they were. I think it's fair to say the best thing about this game is Oswald's cameo. So the Jurassic Park mini-game is a poor remake of the arcade game. Interestingly enough, all the male voices were done by a voice actor named Eric Kelso (Virtua Fighter, Tekken, F-Zero GX, and more) and all the female voices were done by Bianca Allen (Shenmue, Bloody Roar 3, Virtua Fighter 5, and more).

    Is USTPA really any worse than Batman: Dark Tomorrow, Trigger Man, Charlie's Angels, or Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis? That's some steep competition, especially that first one since the players who managed to finish it were almost certainly greeted with an alternate ending because the game never game even an inkling of how to get the true ending.

  27. This game should be redone with a updated engine . I would love to play it on PC

  28. 16:10 You missed a perfect chance to show 'The Simpsons' clip of Millhouse playing 40 quarters to play the Waterworld arcade game.

  29. Some of those mini games look like reused assets from other games. The Jurassic Park looks like the arcade game shooter from about the same time. I wonder if there was some borrowing or stealing happening

  30. I actually had this game and really thought Waterworld part of the mini game to and feel the same way when answering the trivia part.

  31. Just a quick heads up, replication and replica don't have the same meaning

  32. It sucks that games like this are bad because the idea of a video game replica of a park that's not accessible to everyone is good.

    Not to mention the inherit value of having a virtual replica of the park for preservation of sorts as a time capsule.

  33. “Super smash brother melee”

    Dude, not to sound annoying no nothin, but I think it’s pronounced “maylay” and not “meli” lmao

  34. You missed the gap which was disney world magical racing tour giving you a day in wdw via atraction races

  35. You should review Walt Disney: World Quest: Magical Racing Tour for Playstation! One of my favorite games as a kid

  36. Avgn did this one
    Also did we actually see you

  37. Damn it Japan, you got the better version and I wish to try it! 🙁

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