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This time we look at one of the not just worst Theme Park video games but worst GameCube games with Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure. This game inspired from Adventures In The Magic Kingdom would let players walk around Universal Studios Japan while taking part in different mini games. Luckily it was remade into a much better version.


  1. I remember when Disneyland was advertising the Kinect as this brand new innovation in technology, and had demos of Kinect Animals. We bought a Kinect and every game for it at the time, including the Disneyland one. My friend and I could barely move forward, spent more time trying to get the sensor to register anything other than out arms, and spent our entire time playing it in the same spot just staring at the castle in the back. Hearing you talk about it will definitely be fun.

  2. I would like a Planet Coster and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

  3. I was wondering if Disneyland Adventures would be mentioned here. It’s a great love letter to Disney fans, but the player character designs are really off putting. For a game that was originally made for the Xbox 360, they should have just let us use our Xbox Live Avatars. The Kinect features were also unnecessary. The updated versions with traditional gameplay are much more enjoyable.

  4. I remember reading about this game in a Nintendo Power. I thought it would have been fun. Glad I did not get it.

  5. They will need to release a new version this year. USJ is adding a Super Mario World section to the park and playing this game that then lets you play Super Mario would be epic.

  6. We did get a game which is actually really good – Virtual Towers Online

  7. i would really love a WDW game on the new systems i mean Disney cant stop with just Disney Land adventures what about Disney World adventures

  8. …Not that it'll help your rating of the game any, but, on Jurassic Park, the Y button gives you rapid fire. No more having to mash down A. Just hold down Y, and let spray.

  9. Forgot to mention that this wasn't a GameCube exclusive. This was available on PS2 too.

  10. Woody woodpecker's video game voice sounds like a freakin minion

  11. That remake is absolutely fascinating! I didn't know about it when we did some research for our video on this game.

    I'm slightly blinded by nostalgia for it, so I gotta try out this sequel now.

  12. The only good thing about this game is the box art for the game XD

  13. I hope you have caught up on your movies in quarantine! 😂

  14. This game made me cry when I was like six because I wanted it so bad because I could relive universal studios but I could not figure out how to get on more than one ride before the "line was too long."

    I have never been more upset in a game as a kid.

  15. Can you please tell me exactly where your accent is from? Like, for real.

  16. Disneyland adventures expedition anyone?

  17. You wanna know something sad? I was such a fan of Universal I asked for a GameCube JUST to play this game.

  18. Just wanna mention it again: You play as a CHILD that SHOOTS dinosaurs, gets almoust eaten by a shark, underaged drives the dolorian and rescues people in a BURNING building.

    Cool. Absolutely child friendly.

  19. This is pretty bad but not as bad as Aquaman.

  20. Why is the Backdraft game using the fucking Iron Chef theme lmfao

  21. So it's basically a game where you have free admission into a theme park by being a janitor then buying a hat as a front of the line pass. Don't give these companies any ideas

  22. …"Anime celebration"? With questions about Path Adams and Backdraft?

  23. My little brother rented this game from Blockbuster back in 2001 without having absolutely no idea what it was about. We just bought the GameCube and wanted something new to play. Biggest mistake we made. It was probably one of the worst video games we ever played! 😝

  24. There's also the Goosebumps Horrorland game.

  25. Next upcoming video will be Kinect: Disneyland Adventures!

  26. I rather here Tara strong Winnie saying you need to watch more movies! It'd be annoying but much better than whatever the fuck was that voice

  27. I actually just started playing this last night and yes it is simple but personally say it is a lot of simple fun. Then again, I also passed the quiz in my first try. While it's definitely not polished it is by FAR not even close to being the worst GameCube game. It's a lot better than Winnie the Pooh, Team Rocket, or Ed, Edd, and Eddy (all games I really wanted to like)… and yes, I'm currently going through the GC library.

  28. I remember this game, it was so pointless 😂

  29. A Nintendo GameCube was found inside a Universal attraction

  30. I remember playing this game as a kid and it was such a fever dream. I think I eventually got fed up with Woodie and his obscure movie trivia and eventually just gave up because I do not remember seeing some of those minigames or ever wanting to play that thing to completion.

  31. This April Fools Day we need an Expedition episode on the highly praised and revolutionary dark ride, “ Mr. Bones Wild Ride”.

  32. To be fair….i liked this game as a kid….i would always rent it from the corner store to play…back when that was a thing

  33. Kinda surreal that Woody Woodpecker in this game was voiced by Eric Kelso, who also did the voice for JACKY BRYANT beginning in Virtua Fighter 3. I love both characters but I think WWP: Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park would've been better if it was ported to the Gamecube.

  34. Why everything that has to Involve ET has to be bad…

  35. I'm so glad this isn't the fever dream I thought it was.

  36. "Back to the Future: The Ride Puts You in the seat of the….."
    This is the way.

  37. What's the name of the song at around the five minute mark? I swear I've heard it from somewhere, but I can't recall.

  38. Kemco had also developed Knife Edge Nose Gunner for the N64.

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