Uncovering SECRET Hidden Items in WOTLK Classic…

You won’t believe what these wotlk secret items can do in the game!!
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  1. Hey Jerome, what shoulders are those? At the start of the vid

  2. This is why people stopped playing classic servers. Stupid shit like this defeats the purpose of the game

  3. Can someone explain how the goblin beam welder works?

  4. Jerome how can I PUMP and feel amazing like you?? Miss our old faerlina shenanigans, the tegridy boys say hi and are waiting in the bwl hallway to get PUMPED 😢

  5. Why would you want all the gnomes there my guy 🤨

  6. “Don’t trust healer” more like don’t know mechanics 😂😂

  7. What item gets you a job and gets you to move out of your mom's basement what a fucking loser imagine having no life that u make dumbass videos like this

  8. You have that one true nerd voice… I hate it

  9. I just put my Goldcap in the trade window and most thing are ez 😂

  10. How does that goblin beam welder work? It repairs the target dummy how does this help your tank? And why target a party member?

  11. Mage was only in tier 7. Not that a gnome would have a chance with me in the first place.

  12. Wait a second. Kevin is back AND stole your fishing spot. This must mean you're fishing in Tupelo, Mississouri. Go, Kevin, GO.

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