Uncovering SECRET Hidden Items in WOTLK Classic…

You won’t believe what these wotlk secret items can do in the game!!
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  1. Jerome how can I PUMP and feel amazing like you?? Miss our old faerlina shenanigans, the tegridy boys say hi and are waiting in the bwl hallway to get PUMPED 😢

  2. Why would you want all the gnomes there my guy 🤨

  3. “Don’t trust healer” more like don’t know mechanics 😂😂

  4. What item gets you a job and gets you to move out of your mom's basement what a fucking loser imagine having no life that u make dumbass videos like this

  5. You have that one true nerd voice… I hate it

  6. I just put my Goldcap in the trade window and most thing are ez 😂

  7. How does that goblin beam welder work? It repairs the target dummy how does this help your tank? And why target a party member?

  8. Mage was only in tier 7. Not that a gnome would have a chance with me in the first place.

  9. Wait a second. Kevin is back AND stole your fishing spot. This must mean you're fishing in Tupelo, Mississouri. Go, Kevin, GO.

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