Tsuki Adventure: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by HyperBeard Games)

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  1. Don’t gamble when you go to the Great City. It’s not worth it.

  2. does anyone know how to get “grow carrots grow” diary entry?

  3. Hey, I bought some Cup Noodles, and I don’t know if I can use them or how, someone knows?

  4. mi tsuki fue a la gran ciudad y no regresa a villa hongo,ya va pa tres semanas que esta ahi cuando decia que entre 2 o 3 dias regresaba :'v aiuda ploz

  5. Does anyone know what's the code for the rhino guy ?? plzzz

  6. Do you changed the game's music for these videos ?

  7. I kinda cried when is grandpa passed away

  8. 😀 this, and that geek game Idlers and Dungeons on my android are my favorites ! 💖

  9. What does a blue heart means? Does it means they like me more or dislike me more?

  10. How do I login to android tuski account to an iOS one ? I don’t wanna restart my game

  11. This game is really great, especially the part of traveling

  12. This is such a great game! I love it! <3

  13. I came here coz i dont get the purpose of the game

  14. I love this game so much, it managed to be my favorite game. I also love how it’s slightly mature and it’s not that childish, unlike most of the games I play.

  15. You can skip wait time on plane , daily reward and prob carrot just by changing the date and time in the settings

  16. Im trying to play this game but its so freacking difficult, idk how to fish and i cant find any place to answer this question of mine

  17. i am kOkIcHi's mOm, taetae ouma루시퍼 says:

    I got this game but im spanish

  18. If you buy a train ticket (gold or silver?) can you use it many times? Or indefinitely many times? I'm afraid it's a 1-time (or limited use) ticket. Thanks!

  19. Tsuki its Not Your Pet..So He Would Do Whatever Him Want To..We Cannot Control Him..But its Still Fun To Explore The Entire Village with Tsuki..My Recomendation Its..Still gether The Carrot and Buy A Many Item You Can Used it..So You Can Open Many Places and Diaries..Have fun

  20. A bunny🐰 with an attitude! Well done Tsuki, your boss is a 🐷!😂

  21. Yo i went to the city , how tf am i supposed to go back to the village


  23. I don’t understand something… why is the game 17+? I mean I haven’t played it so I don’t see why it could be—

  24. This game is for people who play alongside busy lifestyle, if you are a full on gamer, this is probably not for you but if you like little virtual pets you check on it every now and then during breaks and free time, this is for you.

  25. I do not understand what you are doing in the game can someone explain to me

  26. I wanna get it but it’s 17+ and my mom won’t let me get it 🙁 why is it rated 17+?

  27. I downloaded this because it had a similar name to Tsukki! Our salty bean pole lmao

  28. I choose this graphic for my wallpaper😍😍It’s so cute

  29. I just dicovered and downloaded this game from the app store so im basically new to it, thats why im kinna stuck, because i jist opened the app after i downloaded it , but its just stuck woth the green backgrpund and the music playing and i tried to touch it or anything but nothing changes or appears. Guys i might need your help. What do i do ?

  30. When I firstime play this it already night… Can't do anything this game weird not…. How to proceed from night to day?

  31. I literally just wasted 1000 carrots on a damn ticket to the city and i can’t figure out how to use it because when I go to town there’s the wolf and he’s only taking tickets to go to yukiyama

  32. I can I have it like that! Game 🙁 how to play it?

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