TRICKS ON FAST PET EVOLUTION!!-TAICHI PANDA (adventure online games rpg)

Captain MiH
Taichi Panda by Snail Games USA is a Dungeon Crawler Game available for cross-platform iOS and Android. In my opinion this is the best ARPG on the App Store, so give it a try! 🙂

Striking Southeast Asia now! Recommanded by Google Play! Over Thirty Million Download
===Game Features===
★Technology Tell Best Mobile Game of E3
★Motion Capture Technology
★Real Time Vehicle Dynamics Engine
★Motion Tracking & Computing
★Online multiplayer real-time PVP

My Character
Name: Hunger
Server: SE-S2 Blissful Panda

System Requirement:
OS version: Android 4.0 or Higher
CPU: 1.0 G Free sapce
RAM: at least 512MB
Tip: at least 180MB free storage space is needed.

(If you are newly starting this game you might want to choose one of the newest Servers in order to have a chance in competing in PVP until you are highest Level. The higher the Number after the “S” in the Server Name, the newer the Server)


  1. Omg. Does this still work? I will try it out.

  2. Hey 🙂 i like your videos of taichi panda,they have helped me a lot. Please do more tutorials thanks

  3. Ok @Adrián Sánchez de las Matas   later I will make more video about taichi panda… but help me on like and subscribe me..tq

  4. could you do taichi panda top 10 pets? The 10 pets you think are best,why, and where are they most useful (instances,pvp…) and i already like all your videos and subscribe ^^

  5. Oh and also can you tell me what class you think is best? Treasure hunter,fox mage,panda or warrior, and what are best at? I am actually a panda lvl 36, should i change to any other class or stay panda

  6. You can also make a video saying which set is better: hades, champion or neptune, and why. Hope you read my comments and listen to my ideas ^^ thx! 😀

  7. Do more videos captain mih! I'd like to see top 10 pets,comparation of hades,champion and neptune set,tips on mega boss,how to obtain nami.. Just do more vids pls 🙂

  8. @Rae Lynn          really? what ur character name?

  9. @Adrián Sánchez de las Matas  ok man…I read all ur comments… later I will make video..I was bz lately

  10. @B Bear   Its never too late man… just share what I know

  11. bro how do i change the language to english?

  12. Wow thank you! now they will patch it!!!!! remove this video….

  13. How is that you have a lot of constitution and fortitude?

  14. How does getting the souls help u in any way

  15. Hahah now I understand how da hell ppl evo their pets fast!! Thanks mate 🙂

  16. How true is the statement you said that one would have a higher chance of getting souls if you enter instead of auto loot

  17. I think the best pets are Skeleton King, Nemeus, Borik and Undead Captain

  18. So attempts and auto-loot recharges over time or no?

  19. Does this still work now that they gave us the new update?
    I will try it out now. Hopefully this trick still works.

  20. mogawty and sol bash very good videos also on taichi panda

  21. update… after winning, just select "go again"….

  22. Who the hell has so many time to restart again and again. Stupid amk

  23. I just click "go again"… and it let's me go as many times as I like until I get the drop I want

  24. Selling my vip 10 account level 100 for 300

  25. This is actually very useful in getting surge pills as well, thx for the tips man, this really helps a lot

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