Top – Best Adventure Games on Roblox in 2021

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In this video I show you what I believe to be the best Roblox Adventure games in 2021. From games like your typical MMO RPG, to even story based puzzle games, this video covers all of the adventures you can have on Roblox this year. If you love Adventure Games, and want to easily find some of the top games that everyone is enjoying this year, be sure to watch till the end!

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Game Links:
• Vesteria :
• Loomian Legacy :
• Adventure Up! :
• Adventure Story :
• Split :
• Dragon Adventures :
• Treasure Quest :

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  1. 2:00 I’m level 15 and I be mining mystium lol I’ve been in every zone for one thing the ore since I mined for an hour straight for iron I’ve continued and continued

  2. My favorite genres is War, Adventure, and of course Meele Combat Games.

  3. Back in my days I played almost every single one 🙂

  4. sry i am late in 2022 but its not ezio its Edward Kenway and ty for video it helped

  5. While the purpose of the video is intresting and the games shown are good, you kind of broke the "idea" here.

    You see, adventure games usually have a split between its janra, with one side being of adventure-ish (examples are mario 64, odyssey and etc), and the other side being more RPG-ish (like the games shown in the video)

    I just thought i had to keep that clear to a lot of people, and hopefuly no one will get confused by this anymore.

  6. All of those games are amazing. But one is missing, World Of Magic


  8. You guys should also try world zero the game is so much fun

  9. A roblox content creator that has good games to showcase

  10. Little note: it wasn't Ezio, but Edward Kenway the pirate to be exact haha.
    Anyway, thanks for presenting all these games. I'll have a look at them.

  11. You missed one, The Wild West, Almost the best Roblox game of all time

  12. What is the name of the game in thumbnail?

  13. As soon as I heard Wizard101, I knew adventure story was the right pick for me!

  14. World zero and dragon blade are the Best game i ever played in my entire life

  15. POV: you're bored so you watch this video to find games to play

  16. btw that was edward kenway not ezio auditore

  17. Vestartia is trash there is no adventure it's a fucking grinding simulator


  19. It's pronounced Loom ee an Legacy not Looman

  20. Where's the adventure forward franchise.

  21. Im playing now vesterai and its good game

  22. If you like adventure story ya might wanna check arcane legacy/reborn since the original died

  23. Lootquest is the best game with the best swords. Please review it!

  24. wait
    but if i want to go play pokemon i can just go on the switch and see to big rats fight it out

  25. So glad that he added adventure story! I love this game and by friend told me about it! But there are 2 more really good ones Adventure Up and Challenge RPG 2 try them

  26. As soon as I clicked, I thought, “It would be a crime if Vesteria’s not on here!” Imagine my surprise when it was first on the list!

  27. Swear all these YouTubers have no taste when it comes to games

  28. Imo vesteria was ruined, I was an og player that played from the very beginning but they updated the game and it’s not the same as it used to be

  29. fun fact: those are all the dead games now 😭

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