Top 5 Roblox Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Games with a good Mobile Support (Part 1)

Part 2:

Link of the games:
1. A Universal Time:
2. Truly Bizarre:
3. Something’s Really Bizarre:
4. An Astonishing Day:
5. Bizarre Adventures:

Links of the songs I used:
Intro Song:
Lakey Inspired-Days Like These:
JoJo Part 3 Jotaro Theme(Trap Remix):


  1. AUT is waaay to big of a game for many mobile players

  2. Try A Bizarre World Rewritten. It's a very good game and probably one of the best mobile Jojo games out there

  3. When i play A Universal Time my screen become up-down not like yours, how to make it flat and not stand?

  4. For me aut makes me so laggy I had to press the home button to exit 😀 can someone tell me how to fix?

  5. Some of the maps in the video are now bankrupt

  6. I'm so laggy at Universal times that mean my tablet is not for gaming

  7. A universal Time not really support mobile.
    That game make so lagging

  8. "AUT is really good mobile support"


  9. A Universe Time i dont think have mobile support cuzs when i tried it does not work at all for me

  10. When is say a jojo game I don’t mean a game that has MUI

  11. here are other good ones
    1: crusaders heaven: its greaaaaaatttt even other jjba roblox youtubeers says it and bro omg the cutscenes are good but like over heaven requim good but now the problems lets say when there are allot but like allot allot of people POV: in a trading server and if a boss spawns you can get trown out no YEETED from the game but lets say the problem isnt that common
    2: n
    yes n if you cant search it i dont even know how it has a the world profile
    the game is great nice you can choose stands without a arrow and you can choose even the skin of it but the problem…..rkers and people are just going after you fir no reason
    3: jojo bloxys adventure it is a nice game and a little bit realistic you need to beat thugs to get lvl up and at lvl 18 i prefer 20 can you get a stand and oh boy finding a arrow is hard and if you die you wont keep anything it drops and get rid of a stand find roka and thats 10 times harder than finding a arrow and you get -3lvls rid and there are alot of rkers

  12. True there are alot of good jojo games that arent mobile supported i can only play stands awakening since aut doesn't work for me even on a good phone

  13. AUT Doesn't have Good Mobile supports Like when I first join the game all the buttons are in the middle and some of them dont even function

  14. I just Wish World of Stands Realese Now

  15. If I missed any games that also have a good mobile support please comment it down below so I can add it for the part 2 of the vid 🙂

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