Top 30 BEST PC Games of 2023

Looking for new game releases to play on PC? 2023 was stacked with great games.
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0:00 Intro
0:16 Resident Evil 4
0:51 Lethal Company
1:23 Octopath Traveller 2
2:01 The Finals
2:53 System Shock
3:47 Blasphemous 2
4:29 Remnant 2
5:16 Trepang 2
5:42 Amnesia The Bunker
6:34 Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
7:18 Crew Motorfest
8:13 Cocoon
8:54 Sea of Stars
9:49 Dead Space Remake
10:30 Mortal Kombat 1
11:07 Street Fighter 6
11:53 Dead Island 2
12:42 Dave The Diver
13:37 Pizza Tower
14:08 Diablo 4
15:41 Sons of The Forest
16:11 The Outlast Trials
16:45 Dredge
17:19 Starfield
18:38 Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
19:08 Robocop Rogue City
19:51 Lies of P
20:23 Alan Wake 2
21:35 Hogwarts Legacy
22:42 Baldur’s Gate 3
23:21 BONUS


  1. I would love to see more indie games included, I think Slay the Princess or Oxenfree II were great!

  2. So u dont find silly Starfield being next to Armored core? Armored core is made by company that keeps raising bar all time and u rate starfield almost same. Disgraceful

  3. Games that do not belong in this list:
    1) Starfield
    2) Starfield
    3) Starfield
    4) Starfield
    5) Diab- no it's Starfield

    Incomplete game. Shouldn't have been released as when you play you come across numerous features that are present in the game but are not accessible. The main storyline is lame. I am only playing it to get my player to level 100 so I get the stupid achievement. Then I'm done with the game forever.

    Also, Mirage is too short of a game to even make it to the BONUS section.

  4. can you do Ready or Not for thye next video

  5. I wish this list came out when steam began their winter sale

  6. Wow no mention of Armored Core? That game was more forgettable than I thought.

  7. My problems with Starfield had nothing to do with the Creation Engine or with it being a "Bethesda game." In fact, it didn't even really feel like a Bethesda game for me. What I expect from a Bethesda game is a huge, interesting, hand-crafted open world to explore however I want. What we got was a bunch of small, bland hand-crafted worlds (and one moderately interesting one) and a boat-load of boring procedural nothing all connected by "interactive loading screens." I really wanted to like it. I even put dozens of hours into it. But it's just not a good game. It's boring.

  8. Youre being sheep in Starfield, it's bad dude makes me sleep everytime.

  9. Alan Wake 2 is my game of the year by far, what Remedy have created is just beautifully crafted from the links to the first game and Control and how everything relates to Finnish folklore it just gets better the more you look into it. Lets face it the Herald of Darkness mission is the best level of any game released in the last year 😀

  10. Why the F### was legend zelda not on there

  11. How much did ubicrap pay you to include their trash games in top 10 and not the games that deserved to be in top 10??

  12. Diablo just fell off at the end game

  13. Dave the Diver and Dredge had a collab recently

  14. This should be called 30 games of 2023 some good, some bad. Starfield? Diablo 4? Come on…

  15. Kinda disappointed to seeSpiderman 2 not make this list

  16. Not Alan Wake 2 have to have a SSD just to play the game. the game can't keep up with it's self and i played it on HDD and it runs like crap ….. kept falling through the ground took about 5 to 10 min to get through the loading screens …. so if you don't have an SDD don't buy Alan Wake 2………. And SSD Drives cost so much…….

  17. ok, what the fuck is the point of their rankning system when Starfield and Diablo 4 are 20+ places ahead of Re4?

  18. Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader is my game of the year.

  19. Demons Souls remake is still the best looking game to date, with great fidelity and cinematic looking aesthetic.

  20. First and only d&d like game and already played trough 3 times ! BG3 is the best game ever made I love it

  21. Diablo IV 100% should not be on this list

  22. Common bro ! Where is GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK VALHALLA

  23. Falcon — by chance was 2023 a great year for games? 😂

  24. With regards to Starfield, you'll often hear people say "It's a Bethesda game!" toned as both an excuse and as an explanation for the weird design choices and the game's overall presentation. I don't think that such a statement should absolve the developers for anything.

    The game was only 75% completed. I make that statement after having played it a considerable amount but the game needed flesh out the universe FAR more. It's a mile-wide, inch-deep kind of approach. There's generic space pirates, generic space marines, generic space cowboys, and generic space bandits, and generic space explorers. The "substance" of all of their work is mostly participated in through a kiosk. It's a boring and repetitive gameplay loop that I believe they implemented in order to not distract the player from the overarching goal of completing the game and entering it's New Game Plus system.

    Those factions needed to be much bigger, in my opinion. Constellation itself needed to be much bigger as well. The ship builder was the most robust part of it and nothing felt worse than building an amazing ship and then having nothing but repetitive and boring tasks to use it for.

  25. Alan Wake 2 is the most realistic & best narrative story driven horror game so far,, it's far from the most action horror game on 2023, but it's game play is more than enough to make it feel live a survival horror game…

  26. Starfield isn't the "unmitigated disaster" or whatever you seem to think people are saying it is; it's just fucking boring. It's bland, it doesn't move anything forward, it's basic. It does absolutely nothing that other games don't, and every single interesting thing it does has been done a thousand times before in more interesting ways. I don't think you can judge a game completely outside of the time it launches in, like you seem to be trying to do. If this had launched before Skyrim, sure, it would have probably been considered a great game. But this is coming up on 15 years after Skyrim, and Skyrim puts Starfield to shame in literally everything except maybe graphics/tech, and then only barely. Bethesda can't wait 15 years and come out with this steaming pile of mediocrity and expect people to be happy with it, except for when it ends up at number 7 (FUCKING SEVEN) out of 30 for 2023 games on lists like this. That's completely insane.

  27. Am I the only who find Robocop boring and slow?

  28. Avator just sucked it's just another Boring shitty repetitive far cry game don't u dare compare it with masterpiece Hogwarts lagacy

  29. Ofcourse bg 3 is best bg game the bar wasn't high in the first place 😂 and witcher 3 still has more detail then bg 3 but u need to subscribe to a certain channel on YouTube to know that xlatils something like that he only makes witcher 3 vidio most of the time that channel will tell u how many hidden detail there are in the game that u could miss even after 153157 playthorugh

  30. I genuinely will never understand why anyone enjoys dead-space. It seems like the worst game ever made. The idea that they remade that game blows my mind

  31. When is .Hack going to get a remake?? 😢😞

  32. . . .because we needed yet another video to tell us BG3 is the #1 best game of 2023.

  33. Including Diablo 4 & Starfield is just a joke at this point, I'm sorry it's coming out a bit harsh but these 2 have so many flaws that it doesn't belong to a list that consists of THE BEST games.
    Not including Ready or Not, Talos 2, Jusant, Atomic Heart, HiFi Rush, Ghostrunner 2, Bramble, Against the Storm and many more that are more deserving in all aspects just doesn't sound right.

  34. Diablo 4 is just fine. A good game? No. Why do I have to play for 20 hours to get my mount? They instant nerf any build that’s good to make the game more “balanced”. Where is the coop part cause I met like one other player when I try to clear a stronghold. Diablo 3 was fun but diablo 4 is just a chore.

  35. MK1 and Starfield being on this list, ESPECIALLY that high is a joke ngl. I thought you guys make actual ratings rather than "what was popular" lmao.

  36. I'm sorry, but no, Starfield is not a good game.

  37. Bro didn't even talked about Spiderman 2😂

  38. Tears of the Kingdom? I take it there maybe a Nintendo Boycot going on which is understandable?

  39. i'm DEFINITELY gonna play AC Mirage as soon as it hits Steam, if ever.
    the only two games on this list i'm even remotely thinking of playing are Hogwart's Legacy and possibly Robocop. others are just…. meh, with huge exception being Lethal Company which i don't have intention of playing it but i damn love the game and love watching Mark play it. either the story, the world or gameplay do not interest me in the least of any of the other games. gone are the days of BioShock, Dishonored, Fallout 3/NV, OG Assassin's Creed, LA Noire, Mad Max, [Prototype], Alien: Isolation etc. when they tried something new and giving us completely different worlds to play around with. today it's so damn hard finding a game that's either doing its own thing and not relying on being souls-like to succeed, that's taking a serious tone instead of the teenagery crap or looking more clay than actual clay. even Alan Wake with its zombified/brainwashed looking creature/humans is reminiscent of Resident Evil games even if the story is different or Amnesia the Bunker feeling so different than Amnesia the Dark Descent i have zero want to play the "sequel". no wonder older games are remade and given remakes, like Silent Hill 2, because they are so much better than newer ones we get today. THAT remake is definitely what i'm dying to play in 2024. i hope they do it justice and don't change anything that made the OG Silent Hill 2 so great.

  40. The problem isn’t that Starfield is bad…the problem is that it’s boring.
    Bethesda Games have always had problems…but they were always fun.
    I couldnt find my fun in Starfield. And I looked hard for it.

  41. I wish they didn't have the white background every time they do the countdown. It should be black or a dark color

  42. Dave diver is the only one that looks inspired. Some of them look inspired on the surface, like Lies of P and Baldur Gate 3. But they're all derivative and generally inferior to what they draw from.

  43. Nice list but I am missing Atomic Heart. Amazing game for me.

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