Top 25 Best PC Adventure Games

Showcasing our list of the the best adventure video games on the PC so far. These are the highest adventure rated games currently available on the Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support this channel by clicking the Amazon affiliate links below:
Blackwell Epiphany
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Emily is Away Too
Night in the Woods
Ori and the Blind Forest
The Cat Lady
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
The Sexy Brutale
The Stanley Parable
The Talos Principle
Thimbleweed Park
To the Moon
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
West of Loathing

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  1. I just want a chill game with good graphics ( i prefer first person but third person is still ok), huge open word and i just want to explore it.. So Sea of Thieves is the perfect game for me but sadly I cannot afford it ;-;

  2. i fucking loved ABZU. Brothers Tale of Two Sons was amazing too.
    this list was actually very good and not a copy/paste from other lists. well done

  3. Most of these aren't even adventure games.
    It's like putting Zelda and Mario among the best 20 FPS ever.


  5. No Life is Strange or Walking Dead. This list has disturbed me mentally and I've taken physically ill. Thanks.

  6. So fucking shit list. One of the best adventure games is absolutely SOMA by creators of amnesia.

  7. Adventure? Many of those games are RPG or Jump&Run.

  8. or you may get these games for free by not being a dumbass and going on over and visiting thepiratebay. Lets keep torrenting alive people !!!! Nothing wrong with trying before buying. And if your just a young fella are feline watch this video: It's so easy once you have done it a few times……

  9. What a bunch of trash… IMHO… people actually call these games good.

  10. No Grim Fandango, no Sam and Max, no The Longest Journey…wtf with this list?

  11. Best on the list for me is Brothers A tale of two sons, Mashinarium and Valiant hearts. I played all 3 ,amazing games. My favorite adventure-puzzle games is Dracula 1 Ressurection, Dracula 2 Last Sanctuary, Dracula Origin, Lost horizon 1,2 ,Tormentum Dark sorrow, Candle, Siberia 1,2,3 , Sanitarium …

  12. Looks like game design is going in reverse.

  13. the background music for this video are "turn the beat arround": Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound machine..

  14. This is why I prefer these games over fps games. I hate fps.

  15. Foliage Sir, I'm not sure what foilage is. I'm not sure I want to know. Good video anyway.

  16. hey all, i rembember an adventure game the artcover was a woman holding a severed head
    on a plate and i think it was set in ancient times but i cant remember the name , please if anyone can help me
    with the title?

  17. What's the title of the background music on the intro?

  18. that moment when you thought u understand the word adventure games but actually u dont.

  19. I am looking for games like fireboy and watergirl on hudgames, tell me if you know some.

  20. The inclusions of RPG's, Platformers is doubly insulting when you leave off your list the Mega-Stars of the genre. The Longest Journey, The Last Express, and Grim Fandango. Given the impact and cultural significance of these games, it is beyond reprehensible to not even MENTION them on a list like this. These games changed the game industry for over a decade and are the direct cause of the introduction of episodic content. In that of the former, they killed the adventure game genre by producing the pinnacle of their art form while simultaneously being massive commercial failures. If not for steam and the very brave, if hesitant and limited approach of developers and publishers, Not a SINGLE one of the games on this list would be here. Those were so far ahead of their time, it took the industry over a decade to catch up. I would request you to re edit this video or rename it out of respect for the rich History of adventure gaming.

  21. To Clarify some more. Adventure Games is an established genre not to be confused with the more abjective style use of adventure in conjuction with other genres. For example (action-adventure / Adventure-RPG) That you list Adventure Games along a myriad of other genres makes me think the research for this was a simple "adventure game" query without regard to the content being pulled. It feels lazy or purposefully incendiary. There's so much missing from this list. I also don't agree with your rating system presentation. It should be called 25 "Highest scoring" …. I get the playscore, but you should list the Gamer VS Critic reviews before averaging them. If there is a disparity, I would like to know. This FEELS like lazy content pumped out for dumb people who just want something shiny, and to generate ad-space. Problem is, your target audience for this topic isn't stupid, and we're sick of your shit.

  22. Yo! Where the heck is Broken Sword games? theres no way those lolly games are better than the first two master pieces of Revolution Software… gtfo

  23. I love the game is great and easy: I won it with my sister and we had a lot of fun: DD. bad ice cream 3 on hudgames is best game

  24. Abzu, is what I hear when someone sneezes

  25. this guy is so enthusiastic about what he is talking about

  26. Can someone help me please. I'm looking for a point and click puzzle game where you play on some weird alien world, all i remember is you start as a little creature in its house, and also there was a part where you had to pull certain switches to lead colored eggs or balls through pipes (falling from the top) into their designated rooms. Also when you click around and something doesn't work, the creature says "neh neh" …… it was a cute, yet kind of creepy game and I'd really love to play it again but what's it called….???

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