Top 25 Best Games of 2022 – Including Our Game of The Year

2022 has wound down, which means it’s that time of year where we look back at the last 12 months and the highlights they brought with them. For a number of reasons, this year was relatively lighter on notable games than some previous years in recent memory have been, but so healthy is the state of the games industry that, even in spite of that, there was still a steady stream of excellent games for players to dive into throughout 2022.

From indies to AAA megatons, from sequels to new IPs, from platformers and RPGs to action-adventure games and shooters, there really was a more than a little something for everyone. Here, we’re going to take a look back and pick out our favourite games of the year, counting down from #25 all the way down to our Game of the Year for 2022.


  1. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge was my favorite new game this year. Beat the game with every playable character.

  2. Ragnarok wasn't a reboot, it was a continuation of the original series much like a main protagonist in a novel series you're watching a character grown in their life. The 2022 word that needs to die, in REBOOT.

  3. #1 ❤️‍🔥 pure fire 😌👌 what a BLESSED year

  4. If god of war ragnarok will to launch in pc too, in the games award they might just get it Goty

  5. My top 10 will surely have tunic in it. Elden ring at the top no doubt followed by God of war.

  6. I hear number 1 is the game where someone shakes a stick really fast.
    Btw someone else made the joke….I am just keeping it going.

  7. I have only one issue with Overwatch. BLizzard does not do discounts, ever.

  8. So you guys chose a cutscene simulator over a gameplay masterclass huh
    Why am I not surprised by this coming from a channel that caters to casuals?

  9. Great list, I would have changed the order of the top 3 but I get why GoWR won as it was a great game, I just enjoyed the world and combat of HFW a bit more. It's been a great year for games though, lots of great games for everyone to enjoy.

  10. Elden Ring was a better “Game” than God of War Ragnarok.
    The Tyr Surprise was no different than the Jason Todd surprise in Arkham Knight.

  11. 2022 has been an epic year for games, Horizon Forbidden West & GOW Ragnarok were my favourites!

  12. GOW R definitely deserved GOTY, it is
    One of those games that just delivers in every positive note a game can have, amazing gameplay, narrative, graphics, characters, art design, side quests, enemy variety, badass bosses…

  13. My Top 5 Modern Games ( all time)
    1) Red Dead Redemption 2 (10/10)
    2) God Of War Ragnarok (10/10
    3) Spider-Man PS5 (9/10)
    4) Batman Arkham Knight (9/10)
    5) Rachet and Clank (9/10)

    Top 5 Visual Showcases
    1) Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) (9/10)
    2) Callisto Protocol (PS5) (9.5/10)
    3) Plague tale Requiem (9/10)
    4) Forbidden West PS5 (9/10
    5) Rachet and Clank PS5 ( 9/10)

    Honourable Mentions
    1) Sifu
    2) Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5)
    3) Grand Theft Auto (PS5)
    4) Days Gone (PS5)
    5) God of War 2018

  14. Yeah with all the weapon Nerfs and abilities that comes with Borderlands you get all of it seriously Borderlands 3 turn me off

  15. First time anyone said this was a slow year for games wth 😂

  16. Ranking spoiler/Timestamp

    1:07 25. Readout 2
    1:41 24. Tunic
    2:15 23. Tiny Tina wonderlands
    2:49 22. Sonic frontiers
    3:28 21. Nfs unbound
    4:16 20. The quarry
    4:51 19. Weird west
    5:32 18. Olliolli world
    6:08 17. Sifu
    6:44 16. Rogue legacy 2
    7:22 15. Stray
    8:01 14. Shovel knight dig
    8:40 13. Return to monkey island
    9:36 12. Splatoon 3
    10:21 11. Overwatch 2
    11:03 10. Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope
    11:53 9. Plague tale requiem
    13:00 8. Lego star wars Skywalker saga
    14:09 7. Kirby & the forgotten land
    15:12 6. Gran turismo 7 (tie with no.5)
    16:28 5. Xenoblade chronicles 3 (tie with no.6)
    17:10 4. Pokémon legend arceus
    18:19 3. Horizon forbidden west
    19:33 2. Elden ring
    20:45 1. God of war Ragnarok

  17. I just simply will not play those same ole LEGO Star Wars games anymore…
    It's the same dam games over and over

  18. If there is a year where 2 shared the GOTY this would have been it, both 1 and 2 deserved it.

  19. Incredible year for single player. Just wish we got some better multiplayer

  20. A Plague Tale is GOTY for me. So worth the wait and a GREAT sequel.

  21. SIFU is my #1!!! GOW Ragnarok is a very close 2nd though

  22. Gaming Bolt has been obsessed with sindri after his transformation so its only natural GOWR got goty💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  23. Gowr is the true goty

    ER only got goty at game awards cz they felt sorry for Miyazaki, gowr got a ton of awards clearly the better game

  24. Replace Pokemon and GT7 with Vampire Survivors or Callisto Protocol (Ps5 edition) or TMNT Shredders Revenge

  25. Bro really tried to sneak in pokemon-

  26. Nah this a big time l god of war is a beautiful game but it repeats what it did last time elden ring is a masterpiece in everyway and its something new

  27. Do remakes not count?
    Because I had never played The Last of Us before this year and it blew my mind.
    One of the all time greats!!

  28. Wow did you do Sifu dirty….. like it or not there isn’t a title that can compare. Didn’t even mention the age/ life dynamic nor the fantastic story that is so sparse throughout the fighter genre. Not to mention the fantastic haptic feedback that only adds to the game. Sloclap is changing the game and forcing other devs to innovate.

  29. You have to be a fan boy to put GoW above Elden Ring. This God of War is an insult to the God of War franchise

  30. Zero original thought in the gaming space then. Just more rentier extractivism

  31. GOW was top of my most disappointing list. The very definition of a polished turd.

  32. 1A/1B. Ragnarok/Elden Ring (in either order)

    2. Forbidden West

    3. Steel Rising

    4. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

    5. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    I haven't yet got to Sifu or Stray.

  33. For me god of war ragnarok is the greatest game of all time period so it's definitely goty and don't argue with me because your argument won't change my mind u would just be proving that u are childish and stupid

  34. A bunch of weak games with just three stand out games

  35. Other than gow, elden ring and horizon forbidden west this year was mediocre for AAA games

  36. Damn, gamingbolt just lost all credibility for me

  37. Stray and Plague Requiem deserves to be higher in this list.

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