Top 15 NEW Exploration Games of 2021

Some video games let you explore massive open worlds, space, haunted houses, and everything in-between. Here are some 2021 exploration-based games on PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch worth looking forward to.
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#15 Exo One

Platform: PC XSX|S

Release Date: TBA

#14 Stray

Platform: PC PS5

Release Date: October 2021

#13 Junkyard Simulator

Platform: PC

Release Date: 2021

#12 Occupy Mars The Game

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA SOON

#11 Skull & Bones

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One XSX PS5

Release Date: TBA

#10 Open Roads


Release Date: TBA 2021

#9 Everwild

Platform: XSX|S PC

Release Date: TBA

#8 Season

Platform: PC

Release Date: TBA

#7 Tchia

Platform: PC Stadia

Release Date: TBA

#6 Returnal

Platform: PS5

Release Date: April 30, 2021

#5 Sherlock Holmes Chapter One


Release Date: TBA 2021

#4 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Platform: Switch

Release Date: TBA

#3 Biomutant

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: May 25, 2021

#2 Horizon Forbidden West

Platform : PS4 PS5

Release Date : TBA 2021

#1 Everspace 2

Platform: PC

Release Date: January 18, 2021


  1. 2021 is moving so quickly, but it feels like it's a complete repeat of 2020

  2. Someone should tell Microsoft to give us some news on Fable

  3. i love your content.. but …. nearly none of these games actually exsist…

  4. forbidden horizen west.. but um a free gamer.. i:ll have to wait a lot

  5. Games are ament to be cool like GTA, PROTOTYPE, ASSASSIN'S CREED not cod, Minecraft, Anime 💩 first person games, shooter or not anyone who doesn't like visual customisation is an ugly 💩 or has not style or taste it's just facts… it's like picking a Herbie beetle over a supercar 🤯 if you chose the beetle go find a cliff quick 👍

  6. I sure hope BOTW 2 is like BOTW because Hyrule Warriors was a COMPLETELY different game. Talk about throwing a masterpiece of a game in a meat grinder. It’s like it wasn’t even made by the same people. I can’t believe I preordered that game. I couldn’t even play more than two hours of it it was so bad.

  7. This is why I hate watching "NEW games" videos. Occupy Mars is featured in this video, as well as your Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2020. Meaning it was never released in 2020, and here we are it's almost 2022 and the game STILL has yet to be released.

    So I'm expecting you guys don't learn your lessons here, and it will probably be featured in your Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2022 video as well.

  8. Anyone knows the song running in the background while Stray is presented?

  9. Amazing list! Something for everybody. Some new tittles I hadn’t even heard about. But each are beautiful and interesting in their own way. Thank you! Stay safe.

  10. I think LOZ. Had 3 direct sequels. Ocarina had Majora, Link to the past had Link between worlds. And then Breath of the Wild 1 & 2

  11. According to Gameranx every game in the world is a "sandbox" game. And hey let's just call games we know nothing about "exploration" games, as well as junkyard sim. What a crap video.

  12. I can suggest a better title for this …."15 games you can't play (yet, maybe!?) in 2021"

  13. Junkyard simulator is not a good simulator if I can't become an evil one that crush body for the mafia to get richer.

  14. Check GENSHIN IMPACT game …it has high adventure graphics I Have seen

  15. What’s the second game in the intro of the video??

  16. Half these games don't even come out in 2021 you 🤡

  17. After coming back later in the year, I don't see why you keep putting TBA games on the list. You don't know if it's actually coming out or not this year, I understand you need games to fill out the list but this just gives people's hopes up and makes them wait for disappointment. Maybe make a list of 'Top 15 TBA games in the making' instead. Therefore people know what to expect. I just think it's a complete waste of time putting these games in apart from the fact you can put a higher number in the title of the video.

  18. Is why so many cyphi games we get it you like space goddamn come God damn come up with something that's actually realistic instead of bullshit that we can never go to what I put into my Google search or YouTube search or what the fuck over this shit is is is realistic World games this is not realistic it's not realistic no matter how you could flip it and turn it and I'll let go bullshit it's not realistic I don't give a shit

  19. Some idiot said that "games aren't fun anymore", I disagree

  20. Anyone know the background music for the Exo One part (0:161:20)? It sounds beautiful.

  21. We all just looking for a Minecraft, DayZ, RP, economically , social, exploration, realistic MULTIPLAYER game. I kno

  22. Hw many of these games has been released

  23. the game sky children of the light fits in here too!

  24. he definitely got payed by everspace to advertise

  25. exo one looks pretty but is Boooooooring. and not very intuitive.

  26. You’re forgetting about the fantastic exploring games Snowrunner and Mudrunner… (although they are a bit older, but there is still new content coming for SR)

  27. Almost no games came out 2021. Classig gameranx with awful lists…

  28. Like WHY do you include games on the list with no release date? "top games of 2021" yet almost none of these games comes out 2021.
    Fck gameranx

  29. Sub and love every game on this list!!!!!!!!


  30. where can you get these, other than steam?

  31. يا ربي لك الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك

  32. Maaaaaan, I rlly need to know when Season is going to be released! I want to try that game so much

  33. N̷e̲̅p̷̅h̲i̷̲̅l̷̲i̷̲̅m̷̲̅ says:


  34. 23:52 8/3 thời tiết nắng hanh. Em nghe không rõ tưởng hôm đó mình có anh

  35. why do u show us all the ones that cost money or are in early access

  36. How many of these games did released in 2021…?🧐🤔

  37. Exo One looks like a playable piece of Ambient music.

  38. I wanna play as a cat!! That looks way dope!

  39. A year later, and i wonder how many of the TBA game's, really has been announced?

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