Top 11 Retro Adventure Games (That are NOT Sierra or LucasArts!) – Part 1

Today I’m talking about some interesting adventure games that I really love that ARE NOT developed by some of the bigger companies (such as Sierra and LucasArts). Broken up into two parts because I rambled.

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  1. Hello pushinguproses, I really liked your video. I had ALL these games from Sierra and LucasArts when I was a kid. I also had these 2 other games. One was adventure/fantasy/rpg with dragons and fighting but very weirdly adult and slightly bondage? but it was cartoon style, like Manga style. And I had another that could be played over modem with like a chessboard but with monsters with individual skills instead of chess pieces. DO YOU KNOW HOW I CAN RESEARCH THE NAME OF THESE 2 GAMES? like is there a master list of all pc games from the 80s and 90s somewhere?

  2. The Last Express is one oh my favourite games. I was so invested in the story, the gameplay, the style. My copy came with a guidebook which helped a lot though.

  3. Whoa whoa whoa, I am not a serial video skipper, Part 2 just showed up first in the Playlist! 😉

  4. The phantasmagoria barb hurt… not saying its wrong, but it is my favorite. Titanic Adventure out of Time is my second favorite.

  5. You are so good at reviewing games you need to get back to it.

  6. I'm not big on 1st person adventure games Accept The Dame was Loaded, that's the only 1st person adventure game

  7. Lol, youtubes ad algorithm is a douche. Since I started watching this channel its been showing me polly pocket and skin care ads; presumably assuming I'm a young girl. I'm a grizzled 30yr old man youtube… JUST because I'm willing to listen to a girl about games and media doesn't mean I am one. Granted; I get how the mistake is being made, unfortunatly.

  8. Right as I'm wondering if Phantasmagoria has come up on the channel you made a quick jab at it. Nice.

  9. Don't know about anyone else but I loved the art style of the Last Express and I just wish it was fully animated.

  10. Played a lot of Black Dahlia! I still have all of the CDs! Never managed to go very far as the puzzles were very obtuse, but the game always intrigued me a lot in the best way possible!

  11. Keepsake, Paradise,_ and Still Life are three of my favorite lesser known P&C games.

  12. Last express was pretty great unless you waste to much time and forget about the reverse time mechanic.

  13. Toonstruck will be my most favourite point & click adventure for all time. Thanks for including it on the list. There is/was a fan project to bring the cancelled continuation to life!

  14. Someone needs to rescue Ripper and Black Dahlia already.

  15. I was trying to figure out why Dennis Hopper looked so familiar turns out he plays Frank in Blue Velvet

  16. Fantastic this was informative and hilarious thanks so much sub 4 sure

  17. innocent until caught! your lists are always top tier.

  18. Is the cow the same voice actor Mom from futurama? Is no one gonna mention that?

  19. Did John K blackmail you or something to force you to use music from his show? Or does that soundtrack fall into the same royalty-free ballpark of blandness as Kevin MacLeod or Epidemic Sounds?

  20. the rotoscope game reminds me of that one youtuber who does that style in his videos. and I cannot remember his name

  21. titanics facial expressions remind me of phoenix Wright.

  22. A graphic adventure with Christopher Lloyd as the protagonist and Tim Curry as the villain…

    Where do I sign?

  23. Has a dull line every been stated more dully than "Nothing has happened since I last spoke to you." in that Return of the Phantom game?

  24. oh dude that Titanic game was dope back in the day you found it on a school computer? what a coincidence i put a copy on my schools computer…. did you ever play riven or mist?

  25. Sierra had "standout, memorable games." LucasArts had junk.

  26. Beyond steel sky, Lost Horizon, Black Mirror, Blade Runner, Machinarium are such great adventure games non Sierra/Lucasarts!

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