Top 10 PS4 Adventure Games

The best adventure PlayStation 4 video games. Journey along with these top picks from the Sony PS4 collection. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below:
* Flower
* Journey
* Life is Strange
* Little Nightmares
* The Witness

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  1. May the time machine of John Titor help you, el psy kongroo.

  2. Journey is a masterpiece, no wonder it made number 1.

  3. Surprised that Inside isn't higher on the list.

  4. Where's life of black tiger? Terrible list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how is this adventure games? fuck lol this is a terrible video. where are you even getting these choices? rettitle this as indie puzzle games

  6. You missed Dreamfall Chapters, Walking Dead New Frontier, Tales from the Borderland, Grim Fandango, Firewatch smh

  7. I played journey and I uninstalled journey the same day

  8. Boo! Journey? Boring as hell. I do like your other choices

  9. I would buy Full Throttle if it were released on PS4

  10. long video sorry . i put most speed but still . any shortcut . i believe . lispt ?

  11. I was playing life is strange going t bored and came to find something else to play lol 😂

  12. Guys im picking a ps4 game for my 8 year old cousin
    Can u tell me a game
    She is a girl

  13. I searched “top PS4 games for girls” and now I’m here.

  14. I prefer what remains of Edin finch it’s so scary lmao

  15. What is a Nice game on ps4 without wars, gun and fiolence…..i want a Nice new game but Idk What one…..i dont like fiolence btw ❤️😅😅🙂

  16. My freaking parents want even let me get Friday 13th they act like it's so evil demons and im 11 lord

  17. Journey? Really? No way. Life is strange is so much better.

  18. All Game are no Adventure Game

  19. None of these are what I would call adventure games. 😆

  20. i was like minecraft is gonna be number one until i remembered that it is a sandbox game

  21. Abzu? Its really beautiful and all but NOTHING compare to beyond 2 souls

  22. I've searched for point and click adventures for kids… And i see this…WHY

  23. Life is Strange should have been ranked 1 in my opinion.

  24. Thank you for keeping the game titles on screen through the entirety of each clip.

  25. Life Is Strange is the best 😍🥺😭😥😢😟😔🤨🤗☺😊🥰😘😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Stupid scoring system – way too serious '8.95' – LOL! Why not call it '8.9467 recurring' ?

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