Top 10 Point & Click Adventure Games

Top 10 Point & Click Adventure Games. These are the classic PC games of old. See which ones made the list!



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  1. What about Broken sword 1,2,5; Black Mirror 1,2,3?; The Longest Jurney? The story qulity, beautifully crafted dialogues and characters, graphics and music crush most of the goofy generic shit on this list.


  3. It's crazy that I've played all the games, except Blade Runner!

  4. “The Dig” was one of my favorites as a kid. Point and clicks were my go to on the pc in the 90s.

  5. Idk if u know the newer wadjet eye games like Gemini rue or technobabylon they’re so insane

  6. These are not so old but Syberia 1,2 , Secret Files Tunguska, Black mirror series are truly masterpieces in this category:)

  7. Also loved Willy Beamish adventure:) (1991)

  8. whats the name of movie minute 1 the boy with camputer??????

  9. No Broken Sword 🤨 I'll have to agree to disagree with you good sir 😤

  10. List is great and all, but the modern revival of point and click adventure genre also produced some of the most awe inspiring adventure games, mostly from Wadjet Eye Games

  11. I am looking one Point & Click Adventure game, I don't remember name, browser game with 5 chapters and it's escape story mode. Story : The main character, One Traveler Woman will be lost in cannibal tribes forest, with her assisstent some old man, when they was traveling with there boat, next cannibals will straight throw middle of them some toxic stick and they will fall in a asleep, when she will weak ups she will see her self in cannibals little hut, than she will try to kill one of cannibals guard quietly for escape from this hut, next he will meet with secretly some black man in wooden prison, holded with ropes. she will ask him if he's speak english and he will say yes. next this black man explain the situation in this forest and next this prisoner man will ask this traveler woman for the help, she must go in to the secret hut and move some ropes to break prison and make him escape. I don't remember much more. this game is happening like in 1970-1990 yearsh in my opinion. the game looks like: "Flight of the Amazon Queen".

  12. I was expecting Thimbleweed Park, its worth a try too 👀👍🏻

  13. Does anyone know a point and click adventure game that starts in China (i think, played it a long time ago so dont remember all of it) there is a male protagonist, you fix a plane, escape China, go to England, solve a mystery, there are Nazis, good graphics, snowy mountain. Please help me, i miss this game and want to play it, please help <3

  14. Don't forget about the Blackwell series 🙂

  15. i recommend games by Daedalic Entertainment like Anna's Quest, Edna- the breakout, deponia etc.

  16. No Maniac Mansion? Shame the music is great especially razor and daves theme

  17. Do you know a point & click puzzle adventure game that sets in alien world, starts with a crashed ship, and you can talk to NPC with 3 tones (friendly, neutral, threat)? It's in late 90s i think.

    Thank you

  18. Weebs: zero escape, danganronpa and phoenix wright ace attorney series looks like gets a lots of inspiration of this point and click games gameplay.

  19. Having played every adventure game on this list I can say without a doubt that Day of the Tentacle is the pinnacle of the genre! the puzzles, writing, music and artwork in this game were all amazing.

  20. C'mon, guy! The Secret of Monkey Island must be number 1.

  21. no myst games…this is crazy !!!????!?!?!???!!!!!??!!

  22. Grim fandango is the best of these i played imo

  23. This is way too retro for me. It is nice that not all lists are mainstream, but it dont need to be this old

  24. I doubt anyone truly believes that "Full Throttle" is better than "The Secret of Monkey Island"…

  25. Yup, I would've definitely given Simon the sorcerer a mention.

  26. Played all Lucas games when they were released and a million times over. Zak McKracken has the biggest nostalgia factor for me.
    My top 3 would be:

    – DOTT
    – Grim Fandango
    – The Dig

  27. I used to watch my father play Full Throttle when I was little 😁 Now I have it on steam and my tablet 😎 I love this classic 🥰 And the audio summons an awesome atmosphere 😁😋

    Edit: Here's another I watched my father play as a child: Quest for Glory 🥰 It's a trilogy. When I watched my father play this game, I remember the 2 legged creature that the player can ride, and the interesting battles. I got WAY into terror birds because of this game 🤣 I love chocobo 😁 Side note: I also have the trilogy on my tablet 😎😁♥

  28. There's a couple missing from here.
    Curse of Monkey Island. Broken Sword. the Longest Journey. Three of the absolute best.

  29. British built by AdvertureSoft, Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2 also deserve an mention.

  30. Wait, what? Why The Curse of Monkey Island isn’t here?

  31. You didn't mention the Delphine Software adventures. Future Wars was a masterpice.

  32. Grim fandango was and still is everything to me. i have NEVER, even until this day, found anything, thats anything like it.

  33. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    dark earth is really good

  34. Grim fandango, curse of the monkey island and Broken sword shadow of Templars are the best in my opinion

  35. IMO, monkey island 1 is best to me. Day of the Tentacle was too difficult to play without walkthrough.

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