Top 10 NEW Explorations Games of 2024 [4K]

Tons of games have exploration…but we’re focusing on games that encourage you to go around and look for stuff.
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0:00 Intro
0:19 Star Wars Outlaws
1:35 Dune Awakening
2:27 Rise of the Ronin
3:09 Palworld
4:21 Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn
5:04 Enshrouded
5:59 Dragon’s Dogma 2
6:45 Avowed
7:37 Pacific Drive
9:09 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl
10:23 Bonus


  1. What is with the MP5 style weapon with the ejection port on the left side in Stalker 2??

  2. Was about to ignore the video but as soon as I saw [4K] I'm like…naah, can't miss this…

  3. How about the Stalker: Legends of the zone trilogy that just released on ps4/ps5 the Xboxes! Amazing if you ask me

  4. Still have to play 63 games yet, and now I’m already addicted already😋😋😋

  5. Calling Dune a SANDbox game made me chuckle

  6. as a lover of Herberts Dune who got all way to Bashar Teg… that game looks like Heresy with the land vehicle…Air and Desert Power were Arrakis because ANY ground vibration summoned worms…its why the Fremen had a whole system to walking so they simulated the natural sound of the desert as just walking=nearest worm comes to say Hi which is fine if its intentional and your are going to ride it home…but not so cool the rest of the time…also that should be really interesting if they simulate the dichotomy of the Fremen in the Deep Desert beyond the Shield Wall the Great Sietchs maybe some sandtrout breeding…the occasional vast cistern of water or ecological miracle cave…and then Arrakeen….a sprawling city with everything that comes with it….

  7. "Star wars games have been looking pretty good lately" – yes lets ignore star wars battlefront collection port

  8. Elden Ring DLC will also be a fantastic exploration game. Elden Ring was one of the best exploration games ever for me. Only Outer Wilds topped it.

  9. I do not understand why people still care for Star Wars.. the universe is boring as hell. Yes, lightsabers are cool, force powers are cool, I like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda speaks funny yet wise.. yes yes..

    But the whole universe is just boring and soulless, I really do not understand why anybody cares for it anymore.

    Enshrouded is ok,
    Dragons Dogma II looks really great
    Avowed looks amazing
    Little Devil Inside seems interesting

    The rest in this video is very much "meh".

  10. What about "no rest for the wicked" ? Creators of Ori

  11. another classic Ubisoft AAAA claim incoming…

  12. I listen more than watch a lot of your guys videos and i miss you saying which console they release on like you use to

  13. I listen more than watch a lot of your guys videos and i miss you saying which console they release on like you use to

  14. If they made another Tomb Raider or Uncharted game I will never leave my house again. I'm down for more exploration

  15. Why are you guys not talking about black myth Wukong at all ????????

  16. i just want to know when Blight Survival will release

  17. Me : "Oooh that Star Wars game look s intriguing…"
    Gameranx : "…by developer Ubisoft…"
    Me : "FUCK!"

  18. These based youtubers not included Oncehuman

  19. I'm waiting for NTSCWorld, since I didn't play in PAL region…

  20. You've mentioned it a lot already, I appreciate, but PoP Lost Crown is a great one too, that real Metroid Dread style metroidvania

  21. Dragon's Dogma looks like it runs like dogsh!t.

  22. You’re gonna start a best of list with a game that’s not even been released? Unsubscribe.

  23. Rise of Ronin pre-order started downloading today!!! 100gigs or so. Should be a huge game

  24. Only clicked the Like button once you mentioned Shadow of the Erdtree.

    Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of the video really but I'm hard-wired into liking any video that positively talks about Elden Ring, I'm so excited.

  25. Avowed needs to have 2 things: 3rd person camera, character creator.

  26. I’m a little gutted about outlaws! Anything star wars without a lightsaber is just boring to me! It’s like star wars without the thing that makes it star wars! Be just like starfield in star wars universe 😂

  27. stalker was my first exploration game it was introduce to me by my uncle so I'm really excited for stalker 2 heart of chernobly to be realse

  28. Sad to not see channels covering Sand Land

  29. I love open world exploration games, stick a epic narrative on it and im hooked, however if you put pvp elements in and put in crafting where i have to make my own base then im out, i don't want to worry about some other gamer ruining my session or be tied down to looking for materials

  30. I think Hello Games has more than redeemed themselves for the early days of NMS. NMS is now a fantastic and beautiful game with regular (free) updates of very good content. I'd pre-order something from Hello Games before I'd buy anything from Ubisoft.

  31. Nobody :

    Gameranx: Dragon dogma!!

  32. Yeah it wouldn't be a Gameranx video without mentioning a 'metroidvania' or a 'rogulelike' at least once at some point. Silly meaningless modern gaming catch-all terms.

  33. A big one for me is the PC release of Horizon: Forbidden West.

  34. Ngl, it's cruel to mention Avowed and not bring up Pillars of Eternity

  35. None of these games really seem like my vibe honestly… except the Stalker game. Never heard of the first one but, I like the concepts here. I dont like horror games but, I do love my first person shooters and Ive been trying to get into more unique FPS games, might be cool! IDK I think it's worth a try if I can get my hands on a demo. And Pal World, Im sure i'll play it, I dont really like survival games but apparently there's a way to put it on 'easy' mode so the amount of grinding you need is much less, for people with much less hours per day to play,so they can still progress!

  36. Odd opinion, but I play DayZ and I often find that all of the wonderful qualities that are spoken of in games, are found in DayZ. It truly has wonderful elements to it.
    Sadly it also has poor latency, bad service, no updated anti-cheat software, and old graphics…. sooo it all gets forgotten about, and nobody plays it🥲
    Oh how close it is to being a masterpiece

  37. SW Outlaws looks a lot like Starfield but with actual NPCs and settlements in the game.

  38. i absolutely don't get the hype for outlaws, it looks so basic, so already done and the protagonist looks so bad, they should have just let us create the mc

  39. Whats this dogshit list😂? No shot he said enshrouded for exploration.

    Same areas copy and pasted, same enemies, same items in the chests, same bosses, its one of the worst for exploration

  40. Pacific drive is so good. It feels different, unique, and that alone refreshing in a gaming world over saturated with AAA series releases and re-releases. Plus, did I mention, it’s just so good!

  41. REALLY want Outlaws to be good. That and Avowed are my most anticipated for 2024. Flintlock wasn’t on my radar until I saw it here, and it’s on my list to check out too. Oh! And I’d load Light No Fire on my Steamdeck if it will run on the hardware. Looks like fun.

  42. Sbi gonna ruin that star wars game, not that it had any hope to begin with. The whole team working on it is a bunch of weridos.

  43. Every Ubisoft game is actually the same, just different fonts 😂 I remember playing watch dogs 2, ghost recon wildlands, and far cry 5 at the same time. They’re actually just the same game

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