Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2020

Many games are filled with places to explore, but only a select few truly emphasize it in cool and meaningful ways. Here are our favorite examples for this year.
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#10 The Eternal Cylinder
Platform: TBA 2020
Release Date: PC

#9 Beyond Blue
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: April 17, 2020

#8 Occupy Mars
Platform: PC
Release Date: Coming 2020

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020

#6 Biomutant
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 202O

#5 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS5 STADIA Xbox Series X
Release Date: TBA 2020

#4 Everwild
Platform: XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020

#3 Ghost of Tsushima
Platform: PS4
Release Date: July 17, 2020

#2 Cyberpunk 2077
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE 19 November 2020
Release Date: Stadia 2020

#1 Flight Simulator 2020
Platform: PC XBOX ONE
Release Date: TBA 2020


Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2020


  1. That first game was really giving me Spore vibes 0_0

  2. Narrators voice is so monotonous and hard to listen to. God damn cringeee

  3. Sorry to say but Cyberpunk 2077 has terrible gameplay and is so stiff and it also looks like last-gen that I'm surprised how bad it all looks. I understand why they are delaying it all the time…..

  4. Everspace 2 is a meme in itself; it's everywhere!

    And still no way better than NMS.. And PS: can we just not use Flight Simulator games pls?

  5. You guys did all this but didn’t mention No Man’s sky? Which has 18 QUINTILLION open world PLANETS you can visit. No that wasn’t a typo

  6. 2:37 wow, Boston Dynamics still hasn’t updated their robots in the mars colonization future?

  7. FWIW, in flight simulator, not every airport, because it has 37,000 airports, however the world actually has about 200,000

  8. beyond blue: so basically our game is exploring the sea and you stay there pretty much open world you get robots as guides ect-

    ABZU: ummm dude thats me sniff sniff i smell copyright

  9. is there any megalodon in game number 2? or ancient sea creature

  10. I HIGHLY reccamend Deep Rock Galactic. So underrated and fun and it was made by only a handful of people. Definitely a must buy for hanging out with friends

  11. Where is no man's sky?? 🤔 that's a awesome game

  12. Biomuntant looks absolutely AMAZING but it not on switch nor will it he released any time soon.

  13. Flight Simulator: "you can go anywhere in the world"
    Me: goes to my house

  14. Satisfactory, is satisfying type of game…who would have thought haha

  15. Not a new game, but no mans sky has a lot of new updates and is definitely worth playing in 2020

  16. I didn’t select your video to listen to your annoying voice. In the future please just label the game and shut up.
    Don’t mean to be mean, but honestly. Stop talking.

  17. Listening to you drone on in your monotone repeating breath of the wild I devised a game. Punch myself in the face every time you mention breath of the wild.
    I don’t know that I can take many more. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. Everwild be characters be lookin like new runescape xD

  19. Great looking and intriguing games. Great list 👍🏻

  20. Minecraft is still ranking very high in the Top Five of all games, new every year with Mojang updates… this year- Netherlands Update 1.16. Be sure to add Cave Update in 2021! Almost needs an entire video on Minecraft, but it should be in this slot as well, Netherlands was a very nice upgrade in 2020.

  21. 'I don't know why anyone would not want to play this game' You may have spoke too soon with Cyberpunk.

  22. Assassins Creed 3 did not take place in London.

  23. Everwild is on pc and xbox series x it is not on xbox one

  24. LOL i searched this today and the cyberpunk segment is HILRIOUS

  25. Shame over 95% of the games are all about bashing and killing; at least the ones with qualtiy graphics. No wonder the world is as it is.

  26. Update: most of the buildings in Cyberpunk you can NOT go in.

  27. 10. 0:29
    9. 1:27
    8. 2:10
    7. 3:15
    6. 4:08
    5. 5:24 (one of the best if you like action)
    4. 6:32 (Best if you just want to relax)
    3. 8:02 (one of the best if you like action)
    2. 9:04 (one of the best if you like action)
    1. 9:57 (really good if you want to relax not the best but graphically amazing)

  28. Althogh Biomutant and Everwild did not release this year, when they do come out i hope they will be fantastic.
    Lets just hope none of these pull a Cyberpunk2077 and release unfinished.

    (Bonus:Obsidians Elderscrolls rival Avowed and that Wild Shaman game from way backwould be cool to see.)

  29. THE BEST GAME PLAYED among all MUSLIMS ? …….
    Flight Simulator 2020 ! 😀

  30. The puzzled chief outstandingly boil because wolf physically sparkle apropos a earthy ear. actually, nimble fired

  31. "Will the game eventually let you stop the cylinder?"

    …immediately shows clip of stopped cylinder…

    Yay another quantity over quality video

  32. Greetings, I'm producing a exploration role-playing game called Parallel. I made a page on Steam, but I hope to bring it to the consoles 🙏

  33. Hearing him talking about cyberpunk like that hurts my soul.. We all felt the same way..

  34. #2 aged like a fine milk left out in the sun

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