Top 10 Mobile Games of 2024! AGGRESSIVE LIST – ALL NEW GAMES. Android and iOS!

The year of 2024 is just getting started and there are already 10s of 1000s of new games on the market. Most of these games are really bad, but some of them will blow your mind. Ten of which are definitely going to be the best mobile games of 2024.

I got some feedback in my last few videos that some of you don’t like when I repeat the same games so this video has all new games that will hopefully come out in 2024. For those of you who don’t know, I got my start covering a game called Last Day on Earth which attracted a lot of serious gamers to the mobile phone back in 2017. Since then, I have been covering serious mobile games which is a very different list then when you will see in the top charts of the Play Store or the App Store because those ranking can often be bolstered by companies dumping a lot of money into advertising resulting in a lot of trash games making that list. So here is our aggressive list of the top 10 mobile games for 2024.


0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Hades
2:14 – Plants Vs Zombies 3
3:05 – Squad Busters
4:07 – Persona 5: The Phantom X
5:15 – Path of Exile
6:38 – Assassin’s Creed Jade
7:32 – Need for Speed Mobile
8:19 – Valorant Mobile
9:08 – Project Mugen
9:52 –
10:56 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
11:38 – Naraka: Bladepoint
12:12 – Dark and Darker
12:47 – Conclusion

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  1. Remember "AGGRESSIVE" in the title for now on means the newest possible list. Hopefully this video will be what those of you that desire all new games were wanting. If you want games that are already out, find a video with "FINAL" in the title. And then my other videos are somewhere in the middle. I put a mixture of these types of videos in the cards of this video.

  2. Mobile game won't be famous. Palworld is amazing right now😂🎉.

  3. Sword of convallaria is supposed to come out this year which I think will be great.

  4. thank you man i hope see you in the game frostborn im really want see you

  5. I'm surprised. JCF didn't mention COD WARZONE MOBILE or Devil May Cry Peak of combat 😮

  6. Why there's no Squad Busters in my google play?

  7. Project mugen still not available ?

  8. Bro u still saying hopefully?? I watched last year's video like +month ago of ashfall warzone …. NONE OF THE GAMES ON THE LIST HAS CAME OUT YET i want a game to play rn not 6 months later

  9. When you said “serious mobile games” you got a subscribe from me cause damn Im trying to look for content to make LOL

  10. So no Wuthering Waves? What are you guys smoking??

  11. 0:40 Which game is this does it work on Android somebody please tell me the name of the game🙏

  12. 50% of these games aren't mobile games. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CHANNEL FOREVER

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