Top 10 Mac Adventure Games 2020

Get lost in these Mac Adventure games!
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1 – Life is Strange 2

Download on Steam (EP 1 – $7.99 USD):

2 – Tacoma

Download on Steam ($19.99 USD):

3 – Untitled Goose Game

Download on Epic Games Store ($29.99 USD):


Download on Steam ($19.99 USD):

5 – Slime Rancher

Download on Steam ($19.99 USD):

6 – SOMA

Download on Epic Games Store ($44.99 USD):

7 – Blacksad: Under the Skin

Download on Steam ($39.99 USD):

8 – LEGO: DC: Supervillains

Download on Steam ($39.99 USD):

9 – Thief Simulator

Download on Steam ($19.99 USD):

10 – Pine

Download on Steam ($24.99 USD):


The Station

Download on Steam ($14.99 USD):

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Download on Steam ($14.99 USD):

60 Seconds! Reatomized

Download on Steam ($9.99 USD):

CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience

Download on Steam ($14.99 USD):

Samsara Room

Download for FREE on Steam:


  1. Who’s Jon? If you haven’t seen the previous seven Mac videos, he’s the new guy, helping with Mac gaming content. (Stewie)

  2. amazing video…even though I don't have a mac😂😅😅

  3. Amazing video, my dream is to have a PC

  4. Thanks for the great reviews – it's so helpful when I'm trying to find new Mac games to play!

  5. The goose game looks cool. Can't wait until it comes out.

  6. I might actually have to give that Life is Strange game a go…

  7. will u b doing a top 10 ipad games with mouse support?

  8. Can we play ubisoft games on mac for free

  9. good movie it's a shame my Mac doesn't support most games at high settings.only batman and tomb raider. because of video card integrated if not it would run.

  10. Can i run Pine on my Macbook Pro 2019 13 inch?
    (Edit) : Please tell me other games like Pine to play on my laptop.

  11. Will life is strange 2 work on a 2015 MacBook air please tell me

  12. can a macbook pro late 2013 retina runs thief simulator?

  13. welp im gonna see if my pc can play Pine
    it aeems really fun
    edit: seems*

  14. Kinda wish life is strange was more free roam, I dunno never played it tho

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