Top 10 Best Point-and-Click Adventure Games on Nintendo Switch (2018)

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This first episode in our Adventure Gamer Reviews series reveals the best point-and-click adventure games released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. From horror titles like The Long Reach to rebooted classics such as Syberia and LA Noire, these are our favourite Switch Store adventure titles that you can download and play right now.

Thankfully the point and click adventure game genre is still alive and well in 2018. Nintendo’s console is a perfect platform for this kind of game, with its touchscreen controls and pick-up-and-play nature – and developers are releasing new titles or re-releasing their older offerings on the Switch every month.

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Our full list of best Switch adventure games released in 2018 includes:

Thimbleweed Park
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today
LA Noire
The Fall Part 2: Unbound
The Darkside Detective
The Long Reach
Bulb Boy
Last Day of June
…And a special shout out to A Lost Phone.


  1. The best in my opinion is The Walking Death series by Telltale

  2. Have a major glitch playing PUBG mobile on Honor 10, huawe nova 3i and mate 10 PRO. Please cover this issue! Please.

  3. I love old style adventure games and as i am getting a Switch next week this list was very helpful. Thanks! I have already played Syberia though but i would gladly but it again for the Switch as i haven’t played the second entry. It’s a bummer though according to most reviews the 3rd is a bit rubbish 😢

  4. A wonderful list. Thanks for the advice.

  5. For me point and click is all about the clicking. Can you use the touch on the screen to click around for all the games?

  6. Thimbleweed Park is overrated. Nothing compared to Monkey Island 3.

  7. So surprised / disappointed the switch didn't come with a stylus. I was lookin forward to some HD hidden object games

  8. Thanks so much, I never knew this!

    0:20 thumbleweed town ~monkey islanish with creepy clown.
    0:58 dead synchronicity
    1:46 L.A. Noire – good port, but fucking 50 euro!
    2:07 Syberia now in discount. S2 as well.
    2:33 The Fall Unbound
    3:04 oxenfree
    3:33 The Darkside detective
    4:08 The Long Reach
    4:45 Bulb boy
    5:10 The Last day of June
    5:33 A normal lost phone

  9. thanks for the reviews – great overview 🙂

  10. I didn’t know about some of these games thanks for the video.

  11. Darkside Detective is great. Night in the Woods is also excellent.

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