Top 10 Best iOS Adventure Games for iPhone & iPad

Tech Spurt
Some of our favourite iOS games are point and click adventures, which are perfectly suited to Apple’s iPhone and iPad – with the touchscreen controls and play-anywhere nature of mobile phones, you can blaze through a point-n-click title on the commute or holiday. Here we round up the best adventure games on iOS devices that you can play in 2019.

This latest episode of Adventure Gamer Reviews on Tech Spurt takes a look at the greatest releases on Apple’s smartphones so far. From addictive adventures such as Thimbleweed Park to remastered classics like Day of the Tentacle, fans of point and click can discover new favourites – or re-discover the best games from history.

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The full list of our best adventure games for iOS devices includes:

Nelly Cootalot
All That Remains
Thimbleweed Park
Broken Sword
Simon The Sorcerer
Gemini Rue
Grim Fandango
Day of the Tentacle


  1. I'm surprised that none of Telltale's games got a mention in this or the next video.

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