Top 10 Adventure Games You Should Play In 2022!

Best Adventure Games PC PS4 Xbox One In 2022
Adventure Games PC 2022
Best Adventure Games 2022 PC PS4 PS5 Xbox Series X Switch adventure games ps4 best third person games best single player games pc
Bugsnax God Of War It Takes Two Life Is Strange: True Colors Lost In Random Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Syberia The World Before Tunic Twelve Minutes Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection

Best Single Player Games:

Best RPGs 2022:

Best Free Games 2022:

In this video I show you the Top 10 Adventure games you should play in 2022, most of them are available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, hope you find this video useful!

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Syberia The World Before
0:57 Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection
1:53 Lost In Random
3:04 Tunic
3:37 It Takes Two
4:25 Life Is Strange: True Colors
5:17 Twelve Minutes
5:58 God Of War
6:45 Bugsnax
7:26 Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
8:17 Outro

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  1. If I forgot any good 2021/2022 adventure games tell me about them below! 👇😜Quick update: Tunic is coming to PS4 & PS5 in September AAAAAAAAAAND Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC on August 12th!

  2. Watching these videos while eating instant ramen is awesome. Highly recommend it.
    Also god of war looks so cool

  3. i love uncharted BUT this "remaster" game for the PS5 is horrible… so many glitches… worse is that to play at 120hz (even on my lg c1 oled tv) it struggles in areas with a lot of scenery or action. Worse is that in 4K the skin texture looks horrible. — only buy this if on offer otherwise you might as well buy the ps4 version which is cheaper and includes a ps5 patch for free (you just don't get the high frame rate or fidelity option…which ain't worth it… naughty dog have not done this game justice)

  4. I think i hated just about every game on the list except a few but you get a like and 2 thumbs up cause you are an awesome narrator.

  5. pretty cool video, that south park insert to get subscribers was pretty funny

  6. I don’t understand the list, you talked so much crap about them and some of them didn’t even sound fun 😂

  7. Real talk in a game list? I love it! Especially the life is strange part. That shit cracked me up…liked and subbed! 😁👊 Oh, I forgot to say I probably would've substituted the original life is strange remastered in place of true colors just because the first game actually doesn't suck. Another game I recommend is Beyond a Steel Sky. It's not great but it's not bad either and has some pretty funny moments with a cool art style and presentation 👍


  9. Hahaha the Nightmare Before Christmas if you’re old enough lol. I’ve hit “old enough” age LOL 😂

  10. Those are action/adventure or walking simulators. Actual adventure games are a thing of the past.

  11. The God of war joke about xbox gamepass maslde me so excited then you said sike

  12. uncharted is basically tombraider with different skins.

  13. This is a pretty good list. I loved the old sierra/lucasarts games and always thought games like this would evolve differently. I like a mix of action and puzzle solving. Games have either gone one or the other instead of hitting that middle ground. GTA IV was pretty good but GTA V went more over the top. RDR2. The original assassins creed games were ok but have gone more mainstream as well. LA NOire was disapointing. I'd love a game like police quest where you drive around and solve crimes that have a mix of action and rpg elements, puzzle solving. This genre is disapointing to me in general and was really the future of gaming that never happened imo. Because money and sales and games either becoming dumbed down for the masses and shoot people in the face, or becoming walking simulators. Games like uncharted are ok. But still on rails shooters more in line with tomb raider. Better story imo but it's basically a movie and cut scenes. Heavy Rain, Detroit Become HUman, Until Dawn and QTE cutscenes is a no for me too. Why couldn't a game like Gabriel Knight have evolved into a more modern game where you go to different locations and speak to people solve puzzles and have some action mixed in other than just game makers totally forgetting what is good and selling out.

  14. Can plzz someone tell me the name of game on the thumbnail ?

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