Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure – Launch Trailer

Smash skellies 💀 defeat dragons 🐲 & score sweet magic loot ✨ in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure! 🙌 Play the 2013 quest that started it all in this standalone campaign! 💥

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The Queen’s been captured and her kingdom is in peril; only you and your friends have any chance of restoring peace to this eccentric, enchanted land. Blast your way through treacherous forests, spooky crypts, and fearsome fortresses, but beware—your journey can change in an instant on account of Tina’s gleefully chaotic whims. Dive into this epic tabletop romp and get ready for the fantasy fight of your life!


  1. will Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure have shift codes Golden Keys

  2. My favourite Game.
    Is free in epic store but I'm
    always diying from the Ork King.

  3. gearbox is a perfect corp that makes perfect shoot loot game called borderlands but they are directed by morons who wants to cow the most dedicated fans of the game ever. how can a person produce an idea like; 'Hey! they liked tiny tina's dlc so much and why dont we make a stand alone game? and alssoooo why dont we make that dlc with a stand alone game that costs 10 bugs for the hype?'

    how can a moron think that is a good idea?

  4. reusing the good writing b2 did the writer got fired o som

  5. I like that it's stand alone – this way I can experience it and then decide if or what parts of the game I want to purchase <3

  6. eh, I remember finishing this dlc in borderlands 2 next gen definitive edition

  7. Well at least it reminds me that Unreal Engine 3 was better for Borderlands than Unreal Engine 4 somehow.

  8. I mean chances are that people have The Handsome Collection and all the DLCs for BL2 so this just kinda seems pointless in my opinion.

  9. Only reason to make this a standalone is to modernize it with some BL3 mechanics.

  10. Lmao just play the main DLC, who thought and asked for this?

  11. So what happens when you beat this? How many playthroughs are there?

  12. handsome collection borderlands 2 My heads? Pls

  13. Got it for free on epic games but imma get it on steam anyways 😂

  14. Sigh ok, so saw this as free on Epic recently and mistook it for the new game….guess I should have known it was too good to be true (in fairness, didn't realize the new game was a full $60 game, expected it to be a smaller "half-game" IDK what I'd call it.) Oh well. Probably still gonna pick that up when it releases on PC in ….September?

  15. I used to love your games, but you are pushing your fan base away with these blatant cash grabs… i wont purchase any more of your titles gearbox

  16. Much better than Borderlands 3! I hope the whole of Wonderland will be released with this graphics engine !

  17. I have the handsome BL2 and my friends have the "game" Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. So i can play with them?

  18. Pero es Borderlands 2 o 3??
    Porque ya tengo el DLC de tina y lo tengo desde Ase años

  19. why can't I take my old Borderlands 2 character with me ?

  20. The game i the same, but …. she is crasy so, the game is great because she is perfect cracy

  21. Now you got me wanting to play through as Krieg again

  22. Saw this on ps+ thought it was the new game that's coming out, turns out it was this lol, slightly less excited

  23. Just a question, I have already played on borderlands 2 this dlc, but downloading only this stand alone counts my older save?

  24. Future Trunks Black Game Developer and BeatMaker says:

    Relive the adventure

    Get ready for a new

    I bought both dragons keep god wonderlands next level edition

    So can you

    In tiny tina voice

  25. I’m here from 2022 that the dlc is coming to the ps plus on feb 1

  26. This game is much better when played drunk, or with a crayon driven into your brain to drop your IQ down a few points

  27. Most people already have this dlc. Why make it free. It is only 10€ too.

  28. Got it free with ps plus!!!Unlucky to the ones who bought it 😂

  29. Why didn’t they just touch up the dlc and give players of borderlands 2 new cosmetics and guns

  30. 1:14 six vault hunters one epic journey let the games begin!

  31. Ah yes, I would love to buy the exact same expac that I've already played a million times and thats almost 10 years old again. But oh, I can pay 10euro for the convenience of not having to install all of BL2 what a great deal!

  32. One shot adventure.. does it mean its gonna be short? with no replayability ? :/

  33. dude, i tried this game and idk why i fucking hate it

  34. This may be the most confusing, sad release I've seen for a game. Re-releasing old DLC as standalone and still charging $15 for it is really poor form. Your DLC for BL3 adds up to $375 if you didn't buy the season pass with the game (like me, cause people should stop buying unreleased content). And now the sequel to the re-released DLC is it's own standalone with additional DLC! Holy fuck, sort your shit out, Gearbox. I love you, but charging as much as you do is a real shame.


    Love the voice actor for this ❤️ 👏🏽 👌🏽

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