This poor Malphite..

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  1. The same fucken thing happened to me 3 days ago, I was playing Xerath and used my ult in the tri-bush while the enemy and my team's laughing their arse off

  2. i thought it was zac for a second. i really need my glasses

  3. Yeahhh i was laughing so hard when my friend sent this to me

  4. Am I the only one that would have just ulted the smoke as soon as it happened?

  5. Did it againts a trydamere during my plat games, one time I fok up and messed up my combo and he keeps autoing me to death so I tried to burst with EQ Auto electrecute him but he ulted, no more flash or dash for me but I still have my shroud and tp, so it's aight I messed up SEE YA

    The trydamere called me gae after that shroud tp trick

  6. Nice video till "the boys" then, pure cancer

  7. i do this all the time then in all chat i either say
    "where did i go?" or "magic"

  8. So this on For Fun Squad when Prof Akali did this.

  9. What a waste of cooldowns… 🙁

    He should have just kept them up so Akali can’t contest wave anymore.

  10. It's a neat gimmick but seeing how its in Chinese, its most likely staged

  11. I really thought his channel will blow out. But he can still do it 💪

  12. Oh you don't know how many times i've done that

  13. I feel you my friend I do the same if i on that situation like that
    Btw in bronze

  14. did this before I got ganked and toes to base

  15. This begs the question: Can you e, shroud, teleport, buy an item, then recast e back?

  16. Did malph just use his ult and flash? to check a bush and double check the other bush, man that was sad

  17. Pls don't use fake Chinese clips outside Joke, I beg you

  18. He def blaming Riot for that 😂 man thought he was fking but got fked instead

  19. Easy way to deal with that shit buy sweeper and use sweeper on fights

  20. Oi yo, if you remember me I am sorry. Left a comment a while ago nit picking at a video saying it was low effort and bad quality, after trying to make my own videos I will never underrate good content.

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