This Is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven 2 In 2021…

It isn’t actually JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven 2, however this is what the sequel should look like if we ever get it, it should 60 frames per second “fps” and also be up to 4K resolution. Imagine how amazing that would be, JJBA Eyes Of Heaven 2. Do you want to see it?

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  1. If they make a sequel of this game, better get the anime voices from part 4, 5 and 6. And use voice archives of Unshō Ishizuka and Keiji Fujiwara.

  2. Can we please get a sequel for this game already

  3. When they fix the online matches lemme know.

  4. Lets gooo!!!!! i hope DIO OVER HEAVEN is unlockable

  5. I wish I could play that game but it's nice to watch people play it

  6. If we ever get a part 2 of eyes of heaven please make it 2 player local instead of online

  7. 1:31 mhm idk its a other vote in…
    Part 6 and… maybe JUST MAYBE…
    part 7 and also 3,4,5…

  8. Im a master at eyes of heaven, who wants to play me?

  9. I wonder if Heavenly Dio is Playable one day.. ;-;

  10. It’s a bizzare experience but it’s not a golden experience

  11. I wouldn’t honestly make the sacrifice, it actually effects gameplay for looks, I can handle the 30 FPS

  12. Local versus, there needs to be local versus

  13. I just imagine the way you get dio over heaven is just to find pieces of the diary in each map
    That would be epic though people can just search it up and find where the parts are .-.

  14. If they ever make a sequel they HAVE to add local multiplayer

  15. Actually that speeding up might be good for online play.

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