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  1. Captive Sun is OP. That Ult is guaranteed to get a team kill.

  2. It's a better dps than some dps (i'm totally talking about mc cassidy) and her heal is better than the whole roster (except roadhog but we won't count his since his is only the user) her ultimate we won't talk abt it and the pylon had as mich life as tracer and more healing than some supports

  3. The ultimate only blows up after you inflict 90 dmg to a marked enemy btw

  4. She heals 120 dps with her solar thingy

  5. She’s stronger than Cass even from far away. Nerfing his fall-off damage was the dumbest thing they’ve ever done

  6. Everything on her kit is overtuned, the turret has blue armor which is regenable, her left click cannot be deflected by Genji, her healing is really powerful while also hurts like heck and we're not even started about the ult that can also be used as an escape too. I dont know what Blizzard is thinking when designing this char

  7. She's way to op. Basically like having a 3rd dps with insane healing.

  8. Bro that pylon shit gives me more heals than most of my healer teammates

  9. shes way to strong. she literally outheals everybody.

  10. Why does she sound so OP already

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