These Are The Most Exciting Upcoming Open World Adventure Games

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These are my most anticipated open world adventure games of 2020. I chose the most atmospheric and gorgeous looking open world action-adventure games for PC, Xbox One and PS4. In no particular order, I talk about Maneater, also known as “shark GTA”, Little Devil inside, which is a hidden gem amongst upcoming indie titles, Ubisoft’s upcoming open world adventures Gods & Monsters, Skull & Bones and Beyond Good & Evil 2 (they like putting “&” in their game titles) and my personal favorite, Russian Bioshock/Fallout, Atomic Heart. Some of these release in 2020 and some are most likely next-gen.

Outro song: OSIAS – Obsidian


  1. A really underrated YouTuber… Let's watch him grow 🙂

  2. Love the way you make and edit your videos, subbed.

  3. I agree, really liking your channel man. Very refreshing compared to a lot of the cookie cutter, same ol' same shit a lot of other game channels do. Keep it up, I imagine you'll start to more subs. I would certainly think so anyway.

  4. Gods and monster looks so cool especially the greek influence (I was one of those kids that read percy Jackson)

  5. if it looks at least as good as the pre-alpha footage of atomic heart, stalker 2 will be able to show you how different soviet nature looks.
    No stalker 2 in this vid -> unsubbed

  6. The statistic at the beginning SENT me bro lol

  7. subbed, you're gonna really blow up soon.

  8. Great, authentic reviews…please hang in there and keep'um'cummin

  9. Been waitin on Lil Devil for a while.. 🙂

  10. ay man slow up with the innuendos. fucking creepy

  11. Damn, the last game made dream about a rogue squadron remake.

  12. meh, anything Ubisoft can kma. U-play, always online, their customer service… all of it can fuck off. lol

  13. 2 vids watched. I’m sold and subsequently subbed. Great content, pro editing and tunes! This channel is going to be BIG. Great job and keep up the good work dude!

  14. 8:55 — "where India and China became Earth's great super-powers"
    Uhhhh…strange timing for that, eh?

  15. I like your sense of humour, and your taste in games. You got a new sub here, I'm sure your channel is going to grow to what it already deserves to be. Keep it up dawggggg

  16. Found this channel in my list after several 7 days to die gameplays, first watched you hype up Dead Matter to me, and then just escalated to Snowrunner.
    Subscribed, and cant wait for more.
    (Im proof that Gamer girls exist, and we watch Youtube videos about games!!)

  17. Homeslice, that stat at the opening is why the ladies hide inside the male stat when asked 🤣

  18. These look great. I hope to try every one of them. I loved the og Beyond Good and Evil. I still play it every now and then. It's a cute little game with a cute little universe. The sequel is WAY more ambitious and "serious" and I wondered what happened to it. I'm excited to see it. Thanks for the video!

  19. i just found your channel i like how you make your videos short and nice commentary definitely u gain my subscribe

  20. There was a game like Maneater about a decade back in….ps2 or maybe GameCube, it was pretty alright.

    Also…Beyond Good and Evil 2, I’m about 90% sure that’s just No Mans Sky 2: Hypetrain’s Back, now with more failed expectations!

  21. I need a job to have money.
    I need money to buy games.

    I can't play games because I need a job.

  22. Dammit. Anyone old enuff to rem the movie Orca?!? (Think that’s name)
    Exact same plot as man eater but w a killer whale…omg that movie. I bawled and bawled. I could cry right now thinking about it and it’s been decades since I’ve seen it.
    I may like this game…

  23. Alright man im sold. for now on ur the whos gonna update me in all of those cool games that i will never ever ever get to play

  24. Watched a couple vids now, you good. New sub. 🐽

  25. Came here to fill time, left thinking solely about shark GTA

  26. I would REALLY like to know what song is playing during the Atomic Heart footage.

  27. Only 5.4% Female viewers, huh why?
    1:20 "my pp is redy"
    4:15 "…makes me do a little cummy in my pantsu"
    I see

  28. Is Ubisoft pronounced "Youbisoft" or "Oobisoft"?

  29. The concept for maneater is hilarious. I'm also glad that none of the other games have released yet, since they seem like they could be really cool with proper development.

  30. "This game is basically shark GTA and.. my PP is ready" lmao
    Looks fun AF!!

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