The WORST Thing I’ve done behind the Owner’s Backs…

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  1. When you face reveal your birthday or what??

  2. Uzoth i lost my acc can u give me everything i had back my past user was Ahmed112t nut now i, Ahmed116t

  3. Fun fact: if you are reading this comment then you are reading this comment.

  4. Yo dragon talon trainer (Uzoth) can I have any tips for getting dragon talon quick?

  5. Uzoth add no disrespect to dragon talon to the guidelines

  6. Uzoth,does the name "gunapro99" remember u of smth😈

  7. What's your username I wanna join you but you got to be in first sea

  8. Pov people in his server:🤑🤑🤑🤑

  9. Hi im sad because someone scammed me out of my control and gravity and love😢😢 id love it if you can give me darkblade😢😢😢

  10. "Hack the owner account"… Blud Got His skills from his dad Fudd10…..😢😮

  11. W ZIOLES
    And what's the kindest thing you ever done

  12. I use script in blox fruits my user is Tigry_38

  13. Hey uzoth I wanna sho. You clip o hackers

  14. Kit is just the spoiled kid in this game

  15. How u became admin and can i be too ??

  16. @dragontoalon trainer how do i learn god human etc: pls i wanna know how cause im stuck on 1st sea

  17. The worst thing? YEAH NOT UPDATING THE DAMN GAME

  18. Uzoth can you spawn multiple fruits at the same time?

  19. What i doo to be a adm i can edit and make animatision

  20. Nah so you exploited and become admin and thats it? I training for become blox fruit developer AND WITH MY FRIEND AND YOU EXPLOITED AND BECAME ADMIN

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