The RuneScape Documentary – 15 Years of Adventure

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The RuneScape Documentary is here!

Find out how one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time came to being – from humble beginnings in the Gower Brothers’ family home to reaching our 250 millionth account in 2016, and all the thrills and spills in between. We give you ’15 Years of Adventure’ – a History of RuneScape.

Featuring interviews with some of the most famous RuneScape players of all time (including the legendary Zezima), as well as Jagex staff past and present, it’s essential viewing for gaming fans the world over. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. it shows how many no matter how many poeple there are in the world
    large groups focus on one thing

  2. This game helped me a lot with my English, thanks to everyone!

  3. So you can't afford lemmings, but you can afford to go to Cambridge?

  4. As a long time fan of Runescape since 2003, I'm now 29. This game brings back some of the fondest memories of my life not just from in-game but from the real world too. This documentary is a treasure. Thanks for sharing! (Edit ~ But I'm still pretty salty about my combat level 78 (or was it 87?) account being hacked by my buddy playing a prank on me and he spammed a bunch of swear words in the chatlog and I got perma banned for it back in 2007…YEEEeeeaaa Good Times while it lasted lol XD)

  5. dam… this documentary makes me want to skill 99 on all the skills just out of pure respect to the creator…

  6. 38:20 why does B0aty looks like an English version of early 00s Justin Timberlake here?

  7. When homie showed up with the pineapple… got me.

  8. just goes to show why we ended up with rs like it is today.. eoc should never of happened.. 2011-2012 was the last great days of rs.. if you have watched far enough into this vid it clearly shows that the people that run rs3 now days were the ones who opted for eoc..they state in this video that they never had a clue how to run or address the community even back in 2012.. mod mark is surely a moron

  9. funny how eoc was a way they thought to brink back players yet osrs is 3 x bigger

  10. Proud to khow about this game, for a long, long time, literally it's not just a game, its part of my life

  11. This game has been the biggest part of my childhood free time, countless hours spent loafing around doing the quests and doing PvP I still play and wouldn't know how to live if I can't play this.. means the world to me to see this community still active after so many exciting years. Thanks to everyone involved for keeping the dream going!

  12. Thx for banning a main I spent over 700 hours on. Now I mine coins to sell irl. Peace

  13. Rs taught me stocks so cute! The pictures of Paul drawing

  14. i learned to type 300 words a minute with a typing class in high school/middle school and rs…

  15. i would like more to do with the void knights, the abyssal knights, and camelot…

  16. Zezima reminds me of Slingblade…lol

  17. its so funny seeing young versions of all the old mods. especially ash and b0aty !

  18. ah, i remember playing in 2005 now 16 years later, i have srarted OSRS once again late July 2021, swings n round abouts folks.

  19. For me, the EoC indeed was the factor which got me playing again (thank you for that).

  20. Used to play back in the day when I was in middle school, until I took a break and came back, it was a long break that I forgot my password and email, I manage to get dragon equipment, Couldn’t go no further , gave it another try to play RuneScape 3 and love it!! Currently playing for hours each day!! I’m 24 now! How time flies 😓

  21. Excellent. The parts about removing free trade, mtx, and eoc still pissed me off lol

  22. I stop playing for 4-5 years and all my accounts cease to exist… few accounts I have had since classic… I cant recover and my two main accounts don’t appear on the skills board

  23. Why is the dude flipping the finger in the reflection during the intro?

  24. It was a game made by early internet nerds, for generations of nerds to come. And good heavens are these people relatable. Refunding everyone’s ticket price because they thought their event was going to be a disappointment? That’s just the kind of thing a company run by socially awkward nerds who made a game for fun, not money, would do.

  25. yet the tick rate is still like a card trading game

  26. 15 years we been giving u life its is time to give loyal some credit we made ur life and we stilll love you.

  27. I want to add the Gower parents to my friends list on OSRS 😂

  28. I love my 15 year cape. BUT there have been some truly big downsides, removal of wildy/free trade I quit, EOC I quit, but the one thats hard for me to stomach even to this day is the pay to win aspect. Cosmetics sure but bonus xp and really high level expesive gear???? GTFOH

  29. Thanks Runescape, for teaching me English when I was a little kid.

  30. Hey when will there be a 20 year video ❤️

  31. you contribute, i like how she actually belives that

  32. i wish i company would take over Goonzu online or endless online those were dope only games.

  33. RuneScape taught me how the real stock market actually works lmao!

  34. I started playing RS at the age of 7…. Im old now xD

  35. Today's RS is not the RS at end of June 2015 when it was sold.

  36. I think the change from RS:C to RS2 was so smooth because they didnt CHANGE their game, they just made it better.
    It wasn't a new game. It was RS:C, and then some. Thats why the people who played RS:C like legends were so eager to switch. It was a welcomed change because it didn't feel like much of a change at all.

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