The RuneScape Documentary – 15 Years of Adventure

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The RuneScape Documentary is here!

Find out how one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time came to being – from humble beginnings in the Gower Brothers’ family home to reaching our 250 millionth account in 2016, and all the thrills and spills in between. We give you ’15 Years of Adventure’ – a History of RuneScape.

Featuring interviews with some of the most famous RuneScape players of all time (including the legendary Zezima), as well as Jagex staff past and present, it’s essential viewing for gaming fans the world over. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. man its funny ive watched this like 8 times while i play osrs and its still doesn't feel like an hours gone by

  2. i loved muds, my favorite was Vagabonds Quest

  3. Logged in first time when i was 7 to this unknown world. Im now 26 still playing and still learning about Gielinor. good job lads

  4. Its kinda sad really, seeing what runescape has become now is so sad. I remember it used to be so alive and full of players. I guess this is what happens when certain decisions you make come from greed and that ruins the experience. I keep coming back but these cosmetics, pay to win stuff for exp, items etc just keeps leaving a bad taste in my mouth. They should honestly make the whole game free to play, so theres no f2p worlds and it would build up the population on each world at the very least.

    But i doubt it will become f2p as a whole…

  5. This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Kinda felt bad for Andrew giving up his portion….feels like he regretted it/:

  7. I started playing in the third grade I’m 24 now.

  8. i wish i started game when you publish it after i see potential in the game i regret that i played other games that does not let you make money

  9. Truly Beautiful Documentary <3 Thanks you!

  10. This changed my perspective quite a lot. I love the game but often feel the wrong decisions were made by jagex, the explanations and the admissions they felt that they made the wrong decisions in many cases made me grasp how hard it can be to know the results beforehand and how hard it can be to run a buissness overall.
    I hated the trade limit a lot and I hated the EOC update even more, it made me quit and I gave my account away as to finally quit permanently… I started a new account a few years ago and I find myself actually enjoying rs3 quite a lot.

    It was a really good documentary, thanks guys!

  11. genuinely enjoyed this documentary, i had some heart pulling moments. What a beautiful origin story and such a great community, both in game and developers! definitly am back on, OLD SCHOOL OFC!!! sadly couldnt get into my old account :(… but im richer and more leveled up on my current. Still! if anyone could assist on getting my old account, that would be great!!! <3 also remember my first "crush" on this game… dont judge lol, nah idc ;P

  12. Just got my account back that I made in 2006… Who would have thought we’d be here talking about a game that still actively exists from 20 years ago, huh?!? Truly amazing. We love you Jagex!

  13. so pretty much this documentary was another marketing stunt for jagex to prove they aren't the bad guys…thank you Andrew for the humble beginnings as for jagex, do better.

  14. Love this. My account is turning 18 years old this year. My brother got me into it and made matching accounts. I unknowingly met my husband when we were both 13/14 years old… did not meet till we were in high school and now married with our son and been together going on 13 years and going strong. Runescape will always be apart of my life both online and in real life.

  15. Bro some of the chat comments in teh little clips of RS classic are hilarious😂
    “Is there any way to skip tutorial island”

    “Selling Aids”

    Lmfao wtf😂

  16. to the guy in the highscores at the top, not only is he #1 but with full on 69's across the board, thats a real baller.

  17. Runescape just has that special feeling to it.

  18. I’ve quit and come back to this game so many times. She’s absolutely right…. We never quit, we’re just AFK! Love my RuneScape community. Y’all are great!

  19. made a new account 2 days ago for nostalgia and im addicted again.

  20. this made me cry….. more then once….!

  21. Cadê os BR marcando presença? Amo muito o Runescape <3

  22. calling it an mmo is being generous imo

  23. best game to ever live been started all the way back in 2006 for me <3

  24. aye yo, wtf I'm 26 and had legit tears in my eyes hearing about the fishing story with the kid and his grandad fishing together on runescape.. whats happening to me..thats so sweet..maybe I'm getting old lol

  25. For me, Runescape was an upgrade for MUD games… That is text based rpg. Was 17 on my first job at nights at a hotel, just before my birthday.

    It was then RuneScape classic back then.

    Though I've lost two of my accounts through hacking and stuff, so I do not own my original character. Then still I own a RS3 character that now has 17+ years, and been playing osrs just lately.
    I'm now 37, playing about a month a year scaresly. But still playing, still not maxed, but soon.

  26. This documentary is excellent but is also a cautionary tale for those building their own multi-user spaces.

  27. When the UO intro hit, I got goose bumps. Best game ever

  28. RuneScape taught me the power of working hard to put in the work, save money and invest in myself lol. Sad as that sounds.

  29. I've had my account 19 years, the early days and the adventures with friends on a crappy computer with dial up internet and all the stuff you had to figure out by asking around. Varrock town square used to be lit with trades and scammers lol I guess I'll go login now

  30. i just started playing again – so happy! feels like reconnecting with my childhood

  31. Anybody else here to reminisce on getting pile jumped in varrock wild on world 1,2,11,12???

  32. Best Employers ever right there with the Jolly's. How it should be really.

  33. disliked for the fact you think runescape can take australia. very misleading.

  34. too bad they sold out with all the pay to win and cosmetic garbage

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